Aka7even ever closer to his Brenda Asnicar ... and in the meantime the doors of the GF Vip could open wide for her

Aka7even and Brenda Asnicar

The singer Aka7even, a face much loved by the young and the very young, and the actress Brenda Asnicar are getting closer and closer. But it is not the only news of her: soon the doors of Big Brother Vip could open for her.

aka7even, former student of Friends and singer much loved by young people and the very young, and the actress Brenda Asnicar they are getting closer and closer.

To prove it, as revealed by The Pipol, are the numerous social interactions between the two and the stories shared about their "ship", even if it is not yet clear whether there is a tender, friendship or an affectionate collaboration between the two.

Will Brenda Asnicar land in Big Brother Vip's house?

And that's not all: in addition to teasing the pens of gossip magazines, it seems that their relationship has also teased Alfonso Signorini, which in this period began the search for cast of the new edition of Big Brother Vip.

Brenda Asnicar, which is still famous all over the world for having given the face and voice to the protagonist of Patty's World, would be closer and closer to the threshold of the most famous and most spied house in Italy.

In fact, the actress has a real love for our country and, in particular, for Italian television, which is why we could see her soon. between "Vipponi" of the next GF Vip.

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