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Antonino Spinalbese is a beautiful boy who became famous for his report with Belen Rodriguez. Originally from Torre Del Greco, Spinalbese was a hair staylist e photographer and found himself catapulted under the spotlight from one day to another. Let's get to know it more closely.

Origins of Antonino Spinalbese

Antonino Spinalbese was born in 1995, more precisely on February 1st in Torre del Greco. At just ten months old, the family did transfers at first in Parma, and then change his goal again. Its currently family lives in La Spezia, in Liguria.

Antonino has always had the passion for hair and graduated becoming an excellent hair stylist. But this is not his only interest. In fact, he loves it photography and art. By browsing his profile it is in fact possible to notice how much photography is very important for him.

The difficult childhood and adolescence

Although Antonino has not always been part of the entertainment world, on several occasions he has not hidden the period stormy of his childhood and adolescence. His father was in fact used to to betray the mother and it wasn't even much present in family. One day the woman then decides to send her husband away from home by finding herself from one to raise three children.

It has in fact two sisters smaller and the divorce of the parents was a period terrible for children. At just 16 years old his father comes to mancare and that feeling of abandonment is accentuated more. Antonino thus finds himself having to act as a father also to his sisters and to growing up quickly to support the mother.


As mentioned above, Antonino has not been part of the world of show. In fact, he was born as a hairdresser and after meeting the Argentine model he decides to devote himself to photography. Currently, it is a competitor of Big Brother Vip. But let's take it one step at a time.

From the hair stylist and photographer to the first public appearances

Antonino Spinalbese has always had a great one passion for everything related to hair and fashion. After graduating he moved to Milan in search of luck and start working for one of the saloni best known and most important of the city, or Aldo Coppola which is located right in the central streets.

After known the one who will become his partner for a year, Belén Rodriguez, decides to abandon this passion to devote herself to another. She has always loved photograph and every occasion was good for him to capture moments import anti.

The situation though changes sharply when it starts appear together with his new and very famous girlfriend. We are in the autumn of 2020, the year in which she will find herself under the spotlight at any moment.

Big Brother Vip 2022

After the love story with Belén it was inevitable that he too would end up under the eye of the storm and for a long time he was at the top of the gossip. In mid-May 2022, Spinalbese was contacted by drafting of Big Brother Vip who proposes him to become one of the competitors of the new edition.

According to what was initially declared, it was not sure of wanting to enter the Cinecittà bunker, but only because he did not feel like expose yourself again. We came to discover, at a later time, that the reason of his indecision was another.

Belén Rodriguez hadn't taken it very well news for two reasons: the first certainly concerned the distance from their little girl Luna Marì and secondly she didn't want it spoke of her and their history for avoid gossip and gossips. So send one beware to his ex and the editorial team of the reality show.

According to what we know, in the last few hours, Antonino has let himself go to some confession about his relationship with Stefano De Martino's wife, but the direction promptly censored his speech.

Private life of Antonino Spinalbese

We don't know many details of vita privata by Antonino Spinalbese before he met Belén Rodriguez. The only certain information is that he had an important love story with a girl named Chiara Maria, but you do not know the reason of the break.

The story with Belén Rodriguez

Antonino and Belén yes know in the fall of 2020 in a restaurant during a birthday party of a mutual friend, Patrizia Griffini. In several interviews they have expressly stated that between them there was a real one lightning strike in which she was struck by his beautiful features.

Since that evening the couple has never been separate and they lived almost in symbiosis. Before the official confirmation, the two did not particularly care to keep hidden their story considering that they have been caught several times, in intimate attitudes, by the paparazzi.

Besides, the son too Santiago he had gotten very close to his mother's new partner and it seemed that everything was going smoothly.

The birth of Luna Marì

Despite having known each other for a short time, after only a few months from the beginning of their relationship they announced the pregnancy and everyone was in seventh heaven. The baby of the house, which today is beautiful, was born on 12 July 2021 and after only a few hours from the arrival, the two parents made the announcement through the social.

The crisis and separation from Belén Rodriguez

Around September of the same year, just two months after the birth of Luna Marì, the first appeared rumors on a possible crisis between the two. Many said they were convinced that they would not last and in fact, at the end of October they did they leave. We still don't know the royals today reasons of the breakup, but Antonino is revealing something to Big Brother in these days.

It seems that at the base there are the lifestyles completely different and of the incompatibility general. Some, on the other hand, have always assumed that history is over for a possible rapprochement, yet another, from Belén to her husband Stefano De Martino.

The illness

Antonino Spinalbese, at the beginning of 2022, he faced a whole series of analysis specific as a result of certain health problems. In fact, the investigations revealed that he suffers from one autoimmune disease to the pancreas. This situation also led him to a few days of recovery in the hospital.

The disease is quite invasive because despite Spinalbese's young age, his pancreas it shows the age of a senior and it is for this reason that he has decided to adopt a more lifestyle healthy. THE difficulties, at least initially there were many, but now he has managed to have a balanced diet and to live normally.

Curiosities about Antonino Spinalbese

Thanks to his having become famous, on Antonino Spinalbese there is enough information, but today we want to reveal some Curiosity that not everyone knows:

  • In his spare time he loves read;
  • Despite his health problems he is a smoker;
  • Love them boats;
  • It looks like he has a tattoo never erased with the initial of his ex-girlfriend.

Social channels

Antonino Spinalbese is a famous person and a lot active on social networks where he publishes photos of the destinations of his travels and moments of private life, in particular with his own daughter Luna Marì. Here are the links of his social channels:

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