Face to face of Belén Rodriguez with her double: shock

Belen Rodriguez and her double

Belen Rodriguez, during the last episode of "Le Iene", agreed to undergo a social experiment in which, sitting behind a desk, she waited for people who wanted to meet her and tell her to her face what they thought of her at the Museum of Science and Technology “Leonardo da Vinci” in Milan. And among them, surprisingly, there was also her lookalike: here's what they said to each other.

Un social experiment, made on the line of that of Marina Abramovich, during which Belen Rodriguez also received one surprise: the meeting face to face with his double!

It is the one shown during thelast episode of Le Iene, In which the Argentine showgirl, wishing to know what people thought of her, including haters (everything was born within a more serious discourse, that is the concept of beauty and perfection, where delicate issues were also touched, such as dysmorphophobia), he agreed to sit behind a desk and to wait until Museum of Science and Technology "Leonardo da Vinci" in Milan for people to come and talk to her.

Belen Rodriguez, the touching meeting that made her cry

And, among the many people who came to the museum to meet her and talk to her, there was her too, his double, who told her:

“The more I wore make-up, the more my friends said to me “look, you look like Belen, and I replied, are you kidding?!”, so I started doing imitations of you, I hope you are happy with what I do, putting on in your clothes."

The one with the his double but it was not theonly important match for Belen Rodriguez, because, during this social experiment, she also came face to face with a girl who made her cry.

This young woman told her that, in November 2021, she had a brain hemorrhage:

"Fortunately, however, I have not reported permanent neurological damage."

La Argentine showgirl, in front of his story, she couldn't hold back her tears and, in the end, he told her:

"You are a force"

And the girl, making her move even more, replied:

"You too are a force, I read so many things I don't believe in, I would like to be an example, you never give up, don't think about everything they say."

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Image credits: videoframe video "Le Iene" of 18 October 2022

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