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Marco Bellavia we know him mainly for his role as conduttore in the transmission of Boom Boom Boom, the children's program of the nineties. It was also a very famous actor who then decided to devote himself to something else. For several years he has in fact been a mental coach. Let's get to know it more closely.

Marco Bellavia and psychological problems: what we know and what he suffers from

These days the Big Brother Vip everything happened and the center of attention was the case of Marco Bellavia. When the conductor entered the house he told his fellow adventurers that he was suffering from a bad one trough which sometimes turns into fears and anxieties. Confiding in the only person who was next to him, Antonella Fiordelisi, she had even revealed that sometimes being in crowded places, panic attacks.

Marco tried to explain that his will to participate in the reality show was also a way to tell about a disease that is talked about too little and that often comes undervalued. Finally, he was convinced that this experience could be his help to overcome his anxieties.

Marco's entry into the house of GF VIP 7

Marco Bellavia is away from Italian screens for several years now, but this year he was chosen to participate in the most popular reality show ever. Enthusiastic he accepted, but he never kept the great one hidden problem of health from which he suffers.

The conductor is a lover of sports, especially cycling, and made his entrance riding his bike along the red walkway that leads to the door of the house. The Cerrese actor wanted to participate in the reality show with him purpose to speak of a "silent" disease that many people suffer from and of which there is less and less talk.

His interest in Pamela Prati

Marco Bellavia did not find any friends and companions inside the house of Big Brother Vip. On the contrary. Most of the tenants they hurled themselves against him marginalizing him e bullying him. Only two people were close to him and we refer to Antonella Fiordelisi and Pamela Prati.

With the latter he made an excellent bond and a deep friendship so much that many were convinced that something tender could be born between them. The mental coach has always shown great interest for the soubrette describing her as a woman with a heart of gold.

Precisely in these hours, Pamela Prati has demonstrated that his affection is paid so much so that he cooked a cake that he dedicated to his former companion in adventure. Given the scene, Marco responded with a post on Instagram in which he has it thanked and he called her "my only kind soul".

Illness and its implications in the home

Marco opened up with his companions about his disease hoping to be understood and above all helped. In fact, it seems he didn't want help for himself, but for everyone he suffers from trough and they constantly feel alone.

Unfortunately, however, what the viewers saw was very bad show because Marco, besides not having been understood, was completely outcast and (more serious) bullied.

Marco Bellavia bullied and marginalized by his companions

As we have said so far, Marco Bellavia entered the program admitting that he suffers from depression, anxiety and panic attacks. Him, but like everyone else, it was expected support e solidarity for a friend and man in need.

Unfortunately, however, what happened was completely the opposite. His companions looked fed up, bored and pissed off by his own speeches or from his crises and instead of offering a shoulder they have marginalized him from every activity and discourse. But not only. Words, phrases and ways have been used that have been defined as the form of Bullying.

The abandonment of reality TV

Lo mood by Marco Bellavia suggested the only thing to do after all that he suffered and collected. On the morning of Saturday 1 October 2022, the competitor has abandoned definitively the game thus canceling, by regulation, the televoting.

Origins and family of Marco Bellavia

Marco Bellavia It is born in 1964, more precisely on December 9 in Milan. Of her family we have no news and we don't even know if he is an only child or has siblings.

Studies and career

The former conductor of Boom Boom Boom he finished his studies at the scientific high school of his city and enrolled at the University of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences, but after only three years leaves. She never denied that his greatest passion was show business.

When he was still a student he starts posing as model , but in 1986 he gets the role of Steve in the fiction Fininvest Love me Licia. She will cover these garments for almost all subsequent seasons of the TV series. The success real will come with the conduct of the children's program, Boom Boom Boom of which he will be the helmsman from 1990 to 2001.

We have also seen Marco in Forum (2001) and how sent di Strangelove. In 2005 he leads Gambero Rosso Channel and in the fall of 2022 it will be one of the competitors of the Big Brother vip.

What does it do today

Marco Bellavia has been away from the world of entertainment for many years now. He leads one life very normal and was married to Elena Travaglia with whom he had a son.

Currently it is a mental coach and we know he has his own studio.

Private life

of the vita privata we know very little about Marco Bellavia because he has always been a very reserved man and has always preferred to keep his parents away affections from gossip and rumors. We do know, however, that from 1992 to 1995 she had an intense love affair with Paula Barale.

Marriage with Elena Travaglia

Elena Travaglia she is a very reserved woman and beyond that we know almost nothing about her because she is a stranger to the world of entertainment. However, it is thought that she and Marco were married from the 2005 2009.

The birth of his pride: his son Filippo

During the marriage with Elena Travaglia, Marco Bellavia had a son which defines his pride and is called Filippo.

Why did Marco and Elena break up?

We don't know i reasons for which Marco and Elena broke up, but from the little that emerges on social media they have maintained an excellent relationship.

Curiosities about Marco Bellavia

Different aspects of Marco Bellavia are known, but below we want to reveal a few Curiosity.

  • Marco Bellavia interrupted the studi third year university students;
  • From 1990 it is a member of the SIAE;
  • Love the Cycling;
  • Among his follower on Instagram there is also his ex-girlfriend Paola Barale.

Marco Bellavia's social channels

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