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Harry e Meghan they are part of the English royal family, even if for some time they have renounced the Crown and everything is linked to it. She is considered the "rebellious" Duchess, he has a past of transgressions married in 2018 and 2020 they chose to renounce to noble titles.

Let's find out more about their history.

Who are Harry and Meghan

Harry It is born on 15 September 1984 in London and comes from the English noble family. The couple was also a member army British in the role of Major in the Household Cavalry Regiment. Harry is the second child of King Charles and his first wife Diana Spencer.

Meghan Markle, to date, she is the Duchess of Sussex and was born on the 4th of August 1981. Before becoming a member of the noble family she was an actress American and since 2019 she is Harry's wife.

Who is Prince Harry's real father?

This question has been hovering in the royal house and not only since the XNUMXs when one was discovered letter of Diana addressed to her lover James Hewitt, a former British officer. Let's go back to those years for a moment.

In the mid-XNUMXs one emerged truth uncomfortable for the royal family, which is an extramarital affair of the sad Princess. The relationship with the former officer began in 1983 and at one point, Diana wrote him a letter not of love, but to inform him of her paternity.

Clearly Hewitt denied in all possible ways, but the news had spread and Charles, Diana's husband, began to have gods suspects enough to require DNA testing. The response was immediate and Harry was 100% Charles's son.

Who is Meghan's dad

It's nothing new that Meghan Markle and her father Thomas they haven't talked to each other for some time now and perhaps not everyone knows the real reason. Actually, if we think about it, he didn't do anything like that reaction, but in the eyes of the royal family, his gesture was in bad taste.

What would he do? A very banal post-sales service photographic. Too bad it was fake and agreed. Markle Senior would have paid photographer Jeff Rayner to photograph him trying on the dress with which he would accompany Meghan to the altar.

As if that weren't enough, he would have "caught" him inside a internet cafe browsing the photos and gossip of her daughter and boyfriend. And it was here that she would call the photographer and agree on other matters.

The photos would then be sold to newspapers for a total of around £ 100 and this fact was seen by the royal family as one scandal.

What they did before they met

Harry, in addition to being the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II and noble by birth, has served in the British army as Major of the Household Cavalry Regiment. The youngest of Charles and Diana's children has always been defined as a rebel, due to his past.

Indeed, it is no mystery that in his youth is a bit out of what are the "rails" of the royal family. Many times he has been filmed in nightclubs drunk or otherwise not presentable as a prince. His attitudes they have often been described as scandalous and unorthodox.

Meghan instead was born as attrice and before meeting Harry she appeared in many US films. In addition, she worked as a model and calligrapher. In 2011 she has married a film producer called Trevor Engelson with whom he has divorced only two years later.

Their story

La love story between Harry and Meghan begins with a blind date in which they did not know they were the protagonists. From the first meeting, however, they never did left and they have built a future away from the royal home. But let's proceed in order.

How they met

The two directly concerned have revealed that they have been introduce yourself from a mutual friend. In fact, some reliable sources would have said that Violet Von Westenholz, a very dear friend of Harry, would have organized a real appointment in the dark.

Combination, as of June 2016, all three were in Toronto for different reasons and the friend would have done encounter by surprise Meghan and Harry. Between them it seems that there was love at first sight.

The first public release

The first appearance public of Harry and Meghan as a couple takes place on 1 December 2017 on the occasion of the collection funds during World AIDS Day in Nottingham.

The official engagement

Harry asked Meghan to marry him on November 27, 2017 while he was roasting chicken. The Duchess, during an interview, said that at one point he knelt down and did not even have time to conclude the question that she has responded immediately yes.

The marriage

Harry and Meghan yes marry on May 19, 2018 in Windsor Castle in St George's Chapel. As Meghan's father was not present, due to some health problems, to accompany the bride for half aisle was Carlo, Harry's dad.

The couple decided to make one wedding list solidarity, that is, anyone who took part in the wedding would have to choose one of the seven charities to which to donate the amount.

The birth of the children Archie Harrison and Lilibet Diana

October 15th 2018 is a day of celebration for the royal family as it is announced that Meghan is looking forward to their first one son. On May 6, 2019 in Westmister's Portland Hospital will be born Archie Harrison.

In November of the following year, the Duchess will claim to have had a abortion spontaneous in July, but on February 14, 2021 Harry and Meghan announce their second pregnancy. On June 4, 2021, their second heir will be born in the Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital (California), whom they will call Lilybet Diana.

The abandonment of the royal house

In January 2020 comes the news official where Harry and Meghan decided to leave the royal house and handed over theirs resignation. It had been a long time since rumors of this desire had spread and after Queen Elizabeth's approval, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex left their roles.

The reason for the "divorce" from the Crown, which is why Harry gave up the title

The Duke of Sussex Harry decided together with his consort of renounce to the noble title. The reason may seem serious or of who knows what nature, in reality they have simply decided to become economically independent thus avoiding to comply with the rules imposed by the title.

In fact, this "rebellion" was born since they got engaged in which especially Meghan has always appeared a lot suffering to the label. Just think also that they have chosen to have their children born in hospitals different than those provided by the royal house.

Where they live now

After packing their bags from London, Harry and Meghan had chosen a beautiful home in Montecito, but recent rumors speak of a new transfer.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex allegedly set their sights on a beautiful villa located in Hope Ranch, a few kilometers from where they now live. The reason for their move would be the safety. In fact, in this last period in Montecito the cases of thefts have increased.

Only in May, the couple would have to deal with two attempts of intrusion, which is why they decided on a much safer and more guarded community.

The hypothesis of the crisis for an alleged secret daughter of Meghan

In this last period there is talk of another scandal that would invade the couple Harry and Meghan. Even some tabloids speak of a serious crisis and a possible divorce between the two. The reason? A daughter secret of her.

The story, however, is even more complex because there are two versions of the facts. There before purchasing, states that before she was married to Harry, Meghan was married to producer Trevor Engelson and they tried to have a son without success.

They would then try to adopt them one, but after finding the baby due to Meghan's divorce and transfer for the recordings of Suits, it all went up in smoke. With the small would continue to feel and every now and then he would visit her.

La second version of the facts is that the girl who appears on her social media is Ivy, the daughter of her best friend Jessica Mulroney. Anyway, which one is the truth it is not known, but it seems that Harry has learned of this fact and has not taken it at all well.

Harry's betrayal at the beginning of the relationship

Not only does there appear to be a secret daughter of Meghan, but another scandal has befallen the couple. It seems that Harry, newly engaged to her current wife, would have it tradition with a model. It was an unauthorized biography of Harry that talked about it, but the news was confirmed from a friend of him.

This person, whose identity remained a secret, he said that when Harry got engaged to Meghan, the situation was a bit confused. The former actress wasn't convinced she was leaving her ex boyfriend she was with and Harry didn't he trusted much of her.

So he met Sarah Ann Macklin, a model met at a private party. The two would have talked a lot and exchanged several messages on their cell phones. Eventually the betrayal. However, we do not know if things are really going to be like this.

Curiosities about Harry and Meghan

What we have just told you is what we know about the Duke of Sussex Harry and his wife Meghan. There are some though Curiosity that perhaps not everyone knows.

  • When Harry met Doria, the mum of Meghan, he didn't bring her any gifts of value. She would have bet more on words and deeds.
  • Harry and Meghan were aware of the sex of their first child, but they wanted to keep it secret to make a spectacular gender reveal.
  • Meghan Markle spent the notte before the wedding getting a beauty and video treatment calling her closest friends.
  • Theirs labrador it is called Pula which in African language means Rain and for that people it is truly a gift from heaven.
  • As a first gift George and Charlotte, the children of William and Kate, Meghan and Harry bought a tricycle for her and a mini SUV for him.
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