Who are William and Kate of the royal family of England: history, curiosities and scandals

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We cannot deny that the love story of William e Kate it is comparable to a real fairy tale in which the beautiful prince falls in love with the girl of his dreams, simple but with a unique beauty. They are together for many years and have had three wonderful children.

We get to know William and Kate better than the royal family of England.

Who are William and Kate

Is called William Arthur Philip Louis the one we know as Prince William. He is the first child Charles III had from his first wife Diana Spencer and is the first in the line of succession to the throne from 8 September 2022, the day Queen Elizabeth died.

From 2011 it is married with Catherine Middleton, better known as Kate, and is not part of any noble family. Together they had three beautiful children: the oldest is called George, then it was born Charlotte and finally Louis. Repeatedly I am the second, third and fourth in the line of succession to the throne, obviously after dad.

What they did before they met

Before meeting, Kate he led a very normal life. She dedicated herself to her studies and as soon as she graduated she immediately looked for a job. In fact, she worked at the company of family call Party Pieces which deals with making articles for the holidays.

In particular, Kate was employed in the part commercial and catalogs. Her passion for fashion, however, even pushed her to find it use part time in the famous English brand jig saw.

William instead, at the behest of his mother Diana, he led a life as normal as possible, visiting amusement parks and playing video games. He too dedicated all his youth to the studi and for a period of ten months he served military in Belize and in Tortel, which is located in southern Chile.

What Kate Middleton studied

Kate Middleton has studied History of Art at the University of St Andrews, Scotland, and then fell in love with fashion attending numerous courses. Her love for this sector led her to be very attentive to her way of dressing, especially after her engagement with William.

Indeed, in 2012 and 2013 it was nominated from the magazine Time one of the top 100 influential women in the fashion world.

How many languages ​​does William speak

Prince William has studied very much in his youth and he specialized in geography, art history and biology. But perhaps not everyone knows that he knows many languages. Learning a language other than your own is very important for all of us, but especially for members of the royal family who start from an early age with education and then continue into adulthood.

In particular, William is able to speak correctly English, French, Spanish, Russian, Swahili and Welsh.

Their love story and engagement

La love story between William and Kate has been called fairytale more than once and begins many years ago, back in college. Let's find out the details together.

How they met

It all began when William arrives at the bedroom of the College in Scotland where he was received with great affection by all. Kate, on the other hand, was already at Saint Salvator's Hall and at that time, strange to say, no one knew who she was.

Theirs first meeting it happened in the corridors of the University because they attended several courses together, including Art History. Already in the first six months of courses, the two were getting to know each other and had become good friends. They then began dating more and more until the spark struck.

Why they drifted apart and because of whom

In 2004, after graduation, the two managed to find a way to date privately, but something changed over the years. Kate indeed was labeled as the "non-aristocratic" and soon there was talk of nothing else.

In 2007, William and Kate were already in severe crisis and decided to break up for a few months. The nature of the break it is still unknown today, but it is thought that his great commitments had brought him too far, and not only physically, from her. In fact, it appears that there have been a few treachery of him to take Kate away from everyone. In July of the same year, they return together.

The secret engagement proposal

It was October 20, 2010 when Prince William came he knelt in front of his beloved to ask her to marry him. The two were in Africa on a trip when, after three weeks of her carrying her mom's ring, she chose the right place for the proposal.

In an interview, the prince had confessed that he had chosen that place because immediately after his mother's death, Carlo had brought him and his brother to that place, with the hope of relieving that pain immense.

The official announcement of the wedding

A month after the trip to Africa and the secret marriage proposal, William and Kate formalize their engagement and took place on November 23, 2010. On that occasion they also communicated the date of wedding which had been decided on April 29, 2011 at Westminster Abbey.

The marriage

Il wedding between William and Kate took place on April 29, 2011 in the Church of Westminster. A few weeks before the ceremony, Kate was given the titles that was due to her, except that of Princess because it was not before the wedding.

William was not yet part of the line of heirs to the throne, because before him there was still his father Carlo and for this reason the marriage was not considered a affair of state, but it was equally amazing fairy tale.

Officially, they became husband and wife at 11.20, daylight saving time, and had chosen a wedding list solid. All proceeds were donated to Charity.

The birth of George, Charlotte and Louis

William and Kate had three children. The first is called George Alexander Louis Mountbatten - Windsor and was born on July 22, 2013. Right from the start he appeared as the classic prince told in fairy tales, but his temper was evident right away.

The second child is called Charlotte Elizabeth Diana Mountbatten - Windsor and she was born on May 2, 2015. As we can imagine her third name is in homage to William Diana's mother, while the second name is in honor of Queen Elizabeth.

Finally, the smallest is called Louis Arthur Charles Mountbatten - Windsor and was born on April 23, 2018.

William's alleged betrayal

Let's start immediately by saying that the news that has been running for a long time now on the alleged betrayal by William, it's just a rumor. In fact, there has always been talk of a "particular friendship" between William and Rose, the neighboring Marquise in the County of Norfolck.

Many speak of an attraction physical and non-sentimental, while others speak of real betrayal which, however, until proven otherwise, do not exist evidence tangible. But if the news were true, Kate Middleton would have forgiven her husband many times.

Where William and Kate live today and the curiosities about the new home

William and Kate have lived there for many years in the apartment 1 of Kensington Palace, but for some time they have decided to leave London and move. Where is it? In the'Adelaide Cottages located in the beautiful Windsor Castle Park where Queen Elizabeth has lived since 2020.

The new home has nothing to do with the previous residence, but the couple decided to take this step to live in a more peaceful and tranquilla with their three children. Clearly they will not even have all the space that was there before, but the historical and sentimental value of that place does not price.

Let's find out some together Curiosity on the Adelaide Cottage.

  • The structure was experience in 1831 and was used as a refuge for Queen Adelaide where she loved to spend the summers in that place;
  • Our materials used for the construction of the house are recovery, ie some parts of the Royal Lodge destroyed in 1830 were used;
  • It is considered as national heritage since 1975 due to its historical and architectural value.

Curiosities about William and Kate

What we just have there told is what we know about the most beautiful couple ever, but there are some Curiosity that few know. Here's what we're talking about.

  • Kate Middleton is not descending from a royal family. In fact, she will be the first Queen to not have blue blood.
  • Both William and Kate are graduates and when Middleton becomes Queen she will be the first to have a degree.
  • While Kate is not a royal, rumors have revealed that with William they would be cousins twelfth degree.
  • How much William and Kate are married, she was 29 and was nicknamed as the "Oldest bride of the royal family"
  • William apparently had betrayed Kate several times before marriage and that she would always forgive escapades.
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