Claudia Napolitano leaves The Jackal: the reasons for the farewell and the greeting of the actress

Claudia Napolitano

They have come a long way i The Jackal for more than 15 years now (remember that the comic group was founded in 2005) and their every appearance or new news has always left us with a smile on our lips and a lot of good humor.

This time, however, the news it is a little more melancholic because it concerns thefarewell to the group of actress Claudia Napolitano, one of the latest arrivals, joined the group in 2019 and immediately loved by the many fans of The Jackal.

Claudia, in fact, has made it known through her social profiles that she is no longer part of The Jackal, but that probably more than a goodbye, this estrangement it might just be goodbye.

The reasons for the farewell and the greeting to the fans

For a few days the fans had noticed the strange absence of the actress from the videos posted on the group's YouTube account and Facebook page, without understanding why. A post published by Claudia on Instagram came to their aid in which she explained that she left The Jackal to follow another type of path, because sometimes life is like this, unexpected, and leads us to take different paths. He will dedicate himself to other projects that are still all to be revealed.

To greet both the fans and what has now become her second family, The Jackal, Claudia has published a post in which she remembers her audition:

I also remember that audition as if it were yesterday, not because it seemed like a joke but because Marcel Jacobs must have felt this way in the preparation of his gold: 2 monologues, A 'improvisation, escalation of expressions, sing us one song and "pretend you have a gun pointed at your temple". (During these three years things have happened but never that I had to pretend to have a gun to my head, but okay, go figure).

Three surprising years, because life goes like this: it surprises you and unexpectedly you find yourself making decisions that you didn't think would come, having the courage to leave the nest and try to fly. Thank you guys, from the first to the last (which is never the last) for having taught me so much and for having been there in these three crazy years.

Of course there was no lack of funny and loving answers of his colleagues, such as that of Mrs who reminds her that she will have to come back to let others try her much-vaunted and never tried strawberry tiramisu or that of Aurora Leo which, ironically, reminds her that "after the first period video with you we have an appointment to make one about menopause. Forza Clà and good luck for everything".

Of course also Ciro Priello he greeted her with a big “I love you Claudietta! I wish you the best".

Who is Claudia Napolitano

It's a'Neapolitan actress born in 1999 who first attended the Liceo Linguistico dedicating herself parallel to dance, one of her great passions. Subsequently she devoted herself completely to acting studying atWorkshop of the Arts Pier Paolo Pasolini.

In 2019 his opportunity arrives with the participation as a protagonist at the video by Livio Cori and Nino D'Angelo for the song “Another light”. Ciro Priello and Fabio Balsamo of The Jackal are also present in her video and on this occasion they notice her and ask her for an audition.

It first appears in a The Jackal video with "Love in the time of social media”And immediately got the love of so many fans. She lately she has also appeared in the video of rkomi, Unsurpassed, in the role of his girlfriend.

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