Eddy Martens talks about the relationship with Clerici: I feel nauseous at the memory

eddy martens antonella clerici breaking up

Eddy Martens, despite six years have passed since the breakup, has never forgotten his ex-partner Antonella Clerici, mother of his eldest daughter Maelle, nor what he had to endure during their relationship, which lasted ten years "There is a detail that , even today, it deeply disgusts me ... "

It's been six years since Eddy Martens and Antonella Clerici broke up and the former tourist entertainer, after leaving Italy behind, now lives in Belgium with his new partner Carmen carrasco.

Here, in addition to having started a very profitable business in the barber shop sector, he welcomes his daughter Maelle, now a teenager, had by the hostess of It is always noon, the Rai program it replaced The cook's test (but which is definitely not up to par with its predecessor).

Reached by magazine reporters About, Eddie Martens he talked about his stay in Italy, his relationship with Antonella Clerici and of that detail which, even today, only deeply disgusts him if he thinks back on it.

Eddy Martens and Antonella Clerici: when their relationship caused a scandal

Eddy Martens and Antonella Clerici they met in Morocco at the beginning of the XNUMXs and, right there, they fell in love and decided to start a relationship.

Their love story, however, from the beginning, was much tormented and criticized, not only for the great age difference between the two (Martens was, and is, thirteen years younger than Antonella Clerici), but also because the Italian public was not yet ready and could not digest the thought that one of its most successful conductors was linked to a "simple" tourist entertainer and moreover of color.

One thing that never went down to Eddie Martens, above all because, in many cases, the criticisms even went beyond the limit of racism.

Eddy Martens and that detail that still disgusts him today

Not only that: in addition to the racist insults, Eddie Martens he was also not well regarded by the fact that, after starting his relationship with Clerici, he had also started working as the author of a television program.

Even there, things were not decidedly rosy and, in fact, along with racism, there were also accusations of having been recommended:

"I feel nauseous only at the memory, even today the thought deeply disgusts me"

Martens said in an interview with About, before admitting, in no uncertain terms, that he does not have a good memory of the Italians:

“I felt offended and humiliated by them. I don't miss Italy at all, if not my daughter. "

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