Francesco Totti moves to Noemi Bocchi, his new partner!

Francesco Totti

While Ilary Blasi is enjoying her first holidays as a single in the summer residence of Sabaudia, Francesco Totti, despite his initial declarations of wanting to recover his marriage, comes out of the closet and moves in with Noemi Bocchi!

Ilary Blasi, after spending a week in Tanzania with her three children, she went to the summer residence of Sabaudia to enjoy a few days of relaxation with family and friends.

But now all eyes are on Francesco Totti, her (now) ex-husband: despite his initial declarations of wanting to recover the marriage with the presenter, taking advantage of a moment of "apparent calm", he came out and went to live with his new partner!

Did Francesco Totti and Noemi Bocchi go to live together in Rome?

According to what revealed by The Pipol, the former Roma captain, after leaving the house he lived in for twenty years with Ilary Blasi and his children, he would move in with Naomi Bocchi in a house in the capital.

The separation has not yet been officially formalized under the legal point of view, but the showgirl, to maintain peace in the family and the serenity of the children, would have already placed conditions on "Er Pupone"!

It would be up to Totti to spend the holidays with the children and he will have to do so by keeping a pact: that Noemi, his new partner, is not with them.

There will always be time for presentations… but in the meantime Ilary Blasi, even though she is single again, she seems to want to make it clear with Naomi Bocchi who is in charge (still) in the house ...

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