GF Vip 7: it's Pamela Prati show at the nominations!

Pamela Prati

Pamela Prati, after discovering that she has been nominated, first takes it out on Alfonso Signorini, then attacks Edoardo Donnamaria!

Pamela Prati is well on its way to being remembered (later Giovanni Ciacci and Ginevra Lamborghini, of course) as one of the worst competitors of GF Vip 7.

Not just for being there first to receive a judicial document inside the most spied on house in Italy, but also for her attitudes and her constant proclamations of "I am a diva".

But last night, around end of the new episode of Big Brother Vip 7, has reached a climax when, after discovering that she had been nominated by Attilio Romita and Edoardo Donnamaria, it first lashed out against Alfonso Signorini, then against the same Edoardo.

Pamela Prati, is a river in flood against Alfonso Signorini, who however replies

La maid ha accused Alfonso Signorini of not having greeted her, also saying on several occasions that wants to go home and that, of course:

"You have better."

Il conduttore however, after recovering from the surprise, it didn't take him twice to reply to Prati, telling her that time was running out and that, of course, he couldn't greet everyone.

THEformer tip of Bagaglino however, he did not want to hear reasons and continued:

"Oh, that's okay Alfonso ... Say hello to whoever you like ... But that's okay, that's okay Alfonso ..."

Pamela Prati, the battle against Edoardo Donnamaria

Not happy, Pamela Prati then had a lively discussion with Edoardo Donnamaria, accusing him of not being a friend because he named her.

At that point the editor of Chi magazine, who in an extreme attempt to calm the showgirl, asked her frankly:

"What can I do for you?"

And Prati, replying with equal frankness, replied:

"Do nothing ... From now on I will be transparent in this house ... Never show anything about me ... Don't show what I do ... I have now become invisible ... Never a kindness towards me ..."

Later the soubrette closed in an indignant silence and held everyone's nose for a while until the end of the very long live broadcast. Evidently, her nomination didn't really go down ...

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