GF Vip 7: Spinalbese, the words that Belen will not like

Antonino Spinalbese

Antonino Spinalbese, in the house of GF Vip 7, indulged in some statements that could create some problems for Belen Rodriguez. And which also explain why the Argentine showgirl was against her participation in the reality show.

- ex boyfriends can turn out to be a pain in the ass e Antonino Spinalbese, in his adventure to the GF VIP 7, it is amply demonstrating this.

In the last few hours, talking with Oriana Marzoli and Alberto De Pisis,entrepreneur revealed that the breakup with Belen Rodriguez took place a December 2021, therefore approximately eleven months earlier (and not five as hypothesized by Marzoli, who apparently does not get along very well with the calculations).

It's a pity that Belen Rodriguez, in April 2021 (and possibly even earlier), had started to get closer to Stefano De Martino and go out with him! Therefore, if one were to fully believe Spinalbese's story, for a certain period of time Belen Rodriguez was divided between him and Stefano De Martino!

Antonino Spinalbese, the revealing video that tells how things really happened

Not only that: it seems that in the last few hours a new revealing video, always shot inside the Big Brother Vip's house, In which Antonino Spinalbese clearly says:

"I can't say that I left it, because otherwise a mess happens."

At this point it appears that theformer hairdresser, tired of the triangle, has decided to truncate with the Argentine showgirl.

But that's not all: it seems that not all Belen Rodriguez would be willing to send a warning to Spinalbese, But even Alexander Rosica, the gossip expert, revealed that, in the next episodes of GF Vip,ex-boyfriend of the Argentine showgirl make other burning revelations:

“This is why Belen didn't want Antonino on TV. He talks too much. However, it is obvious that Belen lied. Antonino is not a saint however. Did you understand why she didn't want him at the GF? You'll see how many things he will bring out. She hates her guts and promised me (that's why I don't like her).

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