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Geneva Lamborghini we know her mainly for her participation in the Big Brother Vip 2022, but she is the older sister of the well-known singer Elettra and heiress of the luxury car company. You have done a lot during this time discuss for the story of Marco Bellavia.

Let's get to know it better.

Origins of Ginevra Lamborghini

Geneva Lamborghini was born in 1994, more precisely on September 25 under the sign of Libra, in Bologna. His surname certainly evokes the idea of ​​the most famous and considered luxury car manufacturer, Lamborghini. Ginevra is not an only child, but she has one brother named Ferruccio and three sisters Lucrezia, Elettra and Flaminia.

Who are the parents and grandparents of the young heiress

Ginevra is the daughter of Tonino Lamborghini e Luisa Peterlongo. The father was born in 1947 and is the heir to the family business. On the other hand, we have no information about the mother.

As regards the grandparents, Ginevra is the grandson of the great founder of Lamborghini luxury cars and they are one of the wealthiest families since the brand it is sold all over the world. The grandmother, on the other hand, they never met her because she passed away during the birth of her father.

However Ferruccio, the grandfather, has married in second marriage a woman named Anita Borgatti who acted as a grandmother to all the grandchildren.

Who is Ginevra's sister and why don't they talk to each other?

As we said above, Ginevra Lamborghini has a brother named after his grandfather and three sisters Lucrezia, Flaminia and Elettra. About the latter, we know it for being a very famous one singer, we know they haven't spoken to each other for several years.

Moreover, when Elettra is married with the producer Afrojack he has not even invited her, but to date we do not yet know the reasons posting.

During the Big Brother Vip, someone inside the house tried to ask her what had happened, but Ginevra never revealed the truth reason. You only mentioned one specific event where Elettra decided to close all bridges.

Some speculate that the motivation is to be sought when Geneva attempted to do career as a singer at the very same time as his sister, but unfortunately the still hovers mystery around this whole story.

What Ginevra Lamborghini studied

Ginevra Lamborghini attends school top graduating. Subsequently he enrolled at the Catholic University of the city of Milan following the course of Political Science and International Relations.

After a short time, however, he realizes that this is not his way and yes retransfers in Bologna by enrolling at the University following the path of Culture and Technique of fashion. This time she gets the title.

What work does Geneva do

Like many young people of modern society, Ginevra Lamborghini becomes famous above all on social, but his greatest passion is there music. At this moment she is in fact engaged as a musician and she tries everything and everything to break through in this area.

On social media he had shown his own ability offering covers by great artists such as Nina Simone and Billie Eilish. In 2020 she publishes her first single entitled Scorsese and released on Spotify. In 2022 he publishes his according to masterpiece. Ginevra defines her music as completely different from that of her sister.

At the same time it is busy in the company of family taking care of the part of the communication of the brand.

Because she didn't become as famous as her sister Elettra

The reason why Ginevra also did not become as famous as her sister Elettra is still a mystery. Apparently the smallest asked help to the major to get her into the world of music, but she would have found herself in front of a wall.

Electra, who became famous as a singer, would not have helped the sister who then decided to go her own way by bypassing his own will.

His experience at Big Brother Vip

Let's go back for a moment to the edition of Big Brother Vip 5. Alfonso Signorini had announced her as a possible competitor and she should have entered the episode of 11 December, but this was not the case. The reason it was because the heiress had advanced later in the claims which were not accepted by the producers of the reality show.

We arrive at 2022, in the edition of Big Brother Vip 7, in which Ginevra Lamborghini is one of the competitors officials. The young woman enters the house in September and seems to have established a good relationship with Antonino Spinalbese and a terrible relationship with Sofia Giaele De Donà. Hers. His percorso he was going well, until he finds himself in the middle of the Marco Bellavia case.

The distrust of the sister

During the journey of Ginevra Lamborghini al Big Brother Vip, very often she is asked what the relationship with his sister Elettra and we can say that he is not too unbalanced. She clearly tries to answer her Curiosity of Alfonso Signorini and his companions, but he knows very well that he cannot go further.

But Geneva must have said something that is not piaciuto to her sister Elettra who did not hesitate to send one beware both to the program and to her sister, preventing them from talking about the family and about her in particular.

The flirtation with Antonino Spinalbese and what happened between them

As soon as he set foot in the GFVip house, Ginevra Lamborghini immediately set his sights on Antonino Spinalbese, former partner of Belén Rodriguez. A beautiful one was born immediately between the two friendship and many were convinced that the spark would be triggered.

The two were always together and exchanged small gestures which they did, however think. However, nothing happened between them also because then came the disqualification for her. In these days, Antonino confided that he had no interest in Geneva and the latter was very upset.

Disqualification for the case of Marco Bellavia

One of the contestants of this latest edition was the historical face of the children's program Boom Boom Boom, Marco Bellavia. The conductor has never made a secret of suffering from a bad trough and he thought the reality show could help him.

Unfortunately, however, he hit his head against the wall of his companions who have done nothing but ridicule him, exclude him from speeches and activities and even bully him. The Lamborghini was one of those that he exaggerated and that's why it was disqualified.

In fact, he would have uttered a not very nice sentence towards him and considered too much heavy not only by the authors, but by the entire Italian public. In the episode of October 3, 2022, Geneva in tears leaves the house of Big Brother Vip.

The possible rapprochement of Ginevra and Elettra Lamborghini

After disqualification of Ginevra Lamborghini, everyone expected a reaction from her sister Elettra, which obviously did not arrive. The former gieffina, however, admitted that someone from the family would have revealed that the singer she does not have exulted upon its exit.

This for the young heiress represents one chink of light and still hopes that one day he will be able to talk and clear up again with Elettra.

Private life

of the vita privata of Ginevra Lamborghini we do not know much because on this front she tends to be very reserved. But we do know that she has, or at least had, a relationship outside the GFVip house. In fact, she confessed that it was more than one flirtation than a story. At the moment, however, we do not know the identity of the boy or girl.

Geneva's confession about her sexuality

A little while ago we said that we do not know the identity of the flirt that he had outside the program and this is because during the reality show he did a confession to his companions in adventure.

Geneva would in fact have revealed to try attraction not only towards men, but also towards women. During her life he had two romantic experiences with two women.

Curiosities of Ginevra Lamborghini

What we have said so far is all we know about the young heiress Geneva Lamborghini. Here are some of them Curiosity that not everyone knows.

  • Givenra knows and speaks perfectly three languages: French, Spanish and English.
  • It is highly regarded on Instagram. she in fact, she boasts of more than 70 thousand followers even if she is very far from the number of followers of her older sister.
  • Geneva also has a passion for acting and hopes that one day she will manage to become a famous actress.
  • It has a small tattoo on the forearm.

Geneva Lamborghini social channels

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