Ilary Blasi on holiday in Sabaudia, but without Totti!

Ilary Blasi, after returning from Tanzania, where she spent the holidays with her children, moved to Sabaudia to spend some time with her family and console herself for the end of her marriage with Francesco Totti.

Ilary Blasi, after the end of his marriage with Francesco Totti and the discovery that the ex-husband, when they were still married, cheated on her with Naomi Bocchi, it has never stood still for a moment.

To console herself, a week ago she left for Tanzania with her three children and, upon her return, waiting to move to Milano and become a neighbor of Silvia Toffanin, made a quick change of suitcases and moved to the family summer residence a Sabaudia.

Afternoon on the beach with his sister and an uncle ...

His presence, needless to say, was foretold by a large group of paparazzi, who, since the news of the showgirl's return from Tanzania, immediately took a stand on the dunes of the Pontine town.

Ilary Blasi, despite the photographers' lenses never giving her a moment of breath, in the afternoon she decided to enjoy a moment of relaxation with her sister and an uncle on the beach.

While the paparazzi continued to shoot, the soubrette did not escape the attention of the fans, who recognized her and asked her for an autograph or to be able to take a picture with her.

Evening aperitif to console yourself for the end of the love story with Francesco Totti

In the evening, instead, to console himself for the end of his twenty-year love affair with "Er Pupone", Ilary Blasi she allowed herself an aperitif with some friends.

Unfortunately, in addition to hers, you can only see the hands of the friends who were there with her, so their identity is not known.

Holidays in Sabaudia have officially begun for the presenter ... but this time, for the first time ever, she will be single.

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Image credits: Ilary Blasi official Instagram profile
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