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Luisa Ranieri we know her for being a famous Italian actress and, unlike what many think, she is not the daughter of the well-known singer Massimo Ranieri.  

She cut her teeth on her own with many years of sacrifices and was the protagonist of numerous films and TV series. Finally, she has been the wife of another very famous Italian actor for many years. Let's get to know her better.  

Who is Luisa Ranieri? The biography  

It was December 16, 1973 when Luisa Ranieri It is born in Naples under the sign of Sagittarius. On many occasions, the actress said she had a very childhood and adolescence difficult, due to some events that have invaded his family.  

Origins and family  

Luisa Ranieri has no bond related to the singer Massimo who, among other things, uses a pseudonym. In fact, his real name is Giovanni Calone. We don't have much information about his family of origin except that they are his parents separated when he was only 8 years old due to his father's extreme jealousy.  

Her mother then found another man who will accompany her for the rest of her life, but Luisa never has included this situation. In fact, when she was a teenager she had to go through a journey to a psychologist. Her biological dad is dead when she was only 24 and hadn't even known him well.  

How did he experience the separation of his parents 

At just 8 years old he had to accept the sad reality of separation of parents. An event that marked her deeply and that she lived like a abandonment from the father.  

The "replacement" of the parent with the mother's new partner led Luisa into a bad crisis. In fact, during adolescence a long journey with one was necessary psychologist who helped her overcome this great obstacle and emptiness.  

The idea of ​​becoming a nun

Luisa Ranieri manages to overcome all the difficulties, but unfortunately the great empty leads her to be a very shy and introverted girl. Because of this she takes refuge in the religion and at one point she expresses the desire to become a nun.  

The mother, aware that this was not the right choice, tries to dissuade her and helps her find her true path. She was always convinced that it was not a heartfelt vocation, but her great suffering linked to her difficult period.  

What did Luisa Ranieri study? 

Luisa Ranieri, despite the various difficulties, manages to complete the higher education in an excellent way and decides to continue by enrolling at the University choosing Law as the address. 

Exams, however, represent a great obstacle for her and she comes very often postponed. In this way he can't keep up with the times. Under the advice of a friend, Ranieri attended a course in , which helps her overcome her shyness.  

And it is precisely at this moment that he understands that his road it is precisely this and decides to abandon university studies definitively. She will never give up acting again.  

Career of Luisa Ranieri 

La career by Luisa Ranieri begins around the XNUMXs and in the course of all these years has done nothing but collect a success behind the other. Let's go into more detail.  

From cinema to television 

His very first appearance he has it on television in the advertisement of Nestor and it was the year 2001. In the same year he arrives at the cinema in a film by Pieraccioni entitled The prince and the pirate, in which he will have the starring role.  

It comes soon after choice by Antonioni for the film Eros in the titled chapter The dangerous thread of things and in 2007 we find it in the film SMS – In Denied Disguises directed by Vincenzo Salemme.  

In 2009 however, it will be one of the protagonist di The friends of the Margherita bar by Pupi Avati. But Luisa Ranieri is not satisfied with the big screen and she also works a lot in television. Here, she will have very important roles especially in fiction and TV series.  

 Among those more import anti are Kefalonia of 2005, Callas and Onassis also from 2005, O'Professor of 2008 and in the same year it appears in My friends.  

In 2009 and 2010 he also tried the path of , and will be the star of the show The gold of Naples. Finally, in 2021 we see her as the main figure of the miniseries The investigations of Lolita Lo Bosco.  

What are his most famous films  

As we have said up to now, Luisa Ranieri is an Italian actress whose curriculum is full of successes. Among the films of him more famous at the cinema we find The prince and the pirate, Dark love, Letters to Juliet, Welcome on board, Immature, It was the hand of God e 7 women and a mystery.  

Her best hits on television are The team, Maria Goretti, Callas and Onassis, Boris, The petty judge, The promised life e The investigations of Lolita Lobosco.  

Private life  

Luisa Ranieri is a well-known character in the world of entertainment, however she has never been talked about in regards to hers vita privata. His most important love story is the one with the actor Luca Zingaretti.  

His story with Luca Zingaretti. The marriage

Luisa and Luca yes know in 2005 on the set of Kefalonia and their love was love at first sight. After years of engagement, on June 23, 2012 yes marry in Sicily, at the castle of Donnafugata with a civil ceremony. They have never parted since then and have never been talked about.  

The birth of two daughters

Luca Zingaretti and Luisa Ranieri have had two wonderful daughters. The biggest is called Emma and was born on July 9, 2011 and the youngest is called Bianca, born on July 27, 2015.  

Curiosity about Luisa Ranieri 

What we have just told you is what we know about the actress Luisa Ranieri, but below we report some Curiosity about her.  

  • In 2007 he collaborated for the video clip of Biagio Antonacci, Sognami; 
  • He voiced Virana in the cartoon Raya and the Last Dragon; 
  • After giving birth to her eldest daughter she appeared on the set of Immature in Greece;  
  • She works as a producer alongside her husband.  

Social profiles  

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