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The rumors regarding Sea Out 3 they have stopped for a while, even if the notes often launches updates on Instagram regarding the editing of the TV series, given that the shooting is now over for some time.

Ma what do we know of this new season of Mare Fuori? Quite a lot. The probable ones spoiler arrived in recent months have already abundantly satisfied the curiosity of the fans, but let's make a summary of all the most shocking preview news of the third season of this series that has achieved incredible success on Netflix.

Edoardo will be the protagonist, he will get married and could die

The third season of Mare Fuori will focus a lot on Edoardo, played by the now famous Matthew Paulillo. Her character has achieved great success also thanks to her love affair with the student Teresa, but apparently their story is completely over.

In Mare Fuori 3 Edoardo should getting married with Carmela, his historic girlfriend with whom he also had a son. Many scenes, in fact, show the boy dressed in white clothes to celebrate her wedding.

Other rumors also speak of his death. Yes, because some unwittingly spread scenes showed some cast actors dressed in black, such as Carmela, present in a church. Plus there's always that preview of one only which surely confirms the death of a character from Mare Fuori 3.

Filippo will be released from prison and will leave the series

Another suspect to come out of the scene is precisely Philip Ferrari, played by Nicolas Maupas. Even for him there has been talk of a possible death, but in reality the most popular option is his return to the life of Milano. The young man could return to his city, in the company of his girlfriend Naditza, to crown his and their dreams. There is even talk of one of his limited participation, in fact it could only be present in a very few episodes of the third season.

Ciro Ricci is not dead and will he return in the third season?

And here we are at the news that has shocked the fans the most. The beloved character of Ciro Ricci may not really be dead and could return in the course of Mare Fuori 3. We absolutely do not know if this spoiler is confirmed, but surely the spectators would be happy to welcome the actor again James George in the role of the young Neapolitan Camorra.

When will Mare Fuori 3 be released?

Let's get to the heart of the question: when will the third season of Mare Fuori 3 be released? Initially there was talk of December 2022, but this news has been definitively denied. Will arrive on Netflix at February 2023, probably towards the end.

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