Matteo Paolillo (Edoardo) speaks for a preview of Mare Fuori 3 at the Sorridendo Film Festival

Sea Out is getting incredibly successful on Netflix, recently landed with two seasons and a third on the way. After talking about the location, boys protagonists and previews on Mare Fuori 3, today we focus on the words of Matthew Paulillo.

Matteo Paolillo at the Sorridendo Film Festival

Paulillo It is one of main characters of Mare Fuori who got a lot of space especially in the second season and also in the third his character, Edoardo, will play an important role. We also remember that the young talent is also called Icaro in art, songwriter who interprets the song of the opening theme of the Mare Fuori series.

He was recently invited to the Smiling Film Festival in the jury and during an interview he talked about the new season of the series that pushed him to the top of success.

Mare Fuori 3: we feel the responsibility of the topics dealt with

Il healthier skin to the microphones he could not fail to mention the season number three which is currently under construction.

We are shooting the third season of Mare Fuori and we feel a lot of expectation and responsibility, not only because it has achieved a lot of success but also for the themes that are being dealt with. It is followed by many young people and we feel the responsibility to send a message that can make us reflect on issues such as violence and isolation.

Here is the full interview

cover photo source: instagram Matteo Paolillo
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