Noemi Bocchi: origins, career and private life of Francesco Totti's new girlfriend

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Naomi Bocchi is the new girlfriend of the former captain of Rome, Francesco Totti. Their love story began about a year ago, but the first rumors they only appeared in January. Their first meeting would have happened during a game of Padel, passion they have in common. Let's get to know Noemi Bocchi more closely.

Origins and studies of Noemi Bocchi

Naomi Bocchi she is the first woman seen next to Francesco Totti after Ilary Blasi with whom she shared twenty years of love, seventeen of marriage and three wonderful children. Noemi It is born in 1988 in Rome but, a very curious fact, the birthday was never revealed. Physically she is very similar to the beautiful Ilary Blasi, but her path of life it's completely different.

Noemi yes it is registered at the Giovanni Falcone Institute in Rome, obtaining the diploma and decides to continue his studies at the university. She takes the course in Business and Banking Economics in the Lumsa University of the capital and will obtain the title with an excellent grade. Of her family We have no original information and even through social media we have not been able to discover any details. The discourse on the vita privata.

Private life

Di Naomi Bocchi not much is known also because until a few months ago it was completely foreign to the world of entertainment. But we know a lot about her about her private life, from the first wedding with Mario Caucci at report with Francesco Totti. Let's retrace his two most important stories together.

Marriage with Mario Caucci and children

Naomi Bocchi is a flower designer and about ten years ago she has married the manager of Tivoli Calcio and CEO of Caucci Marble, Mario Caucci. The couple did sposa in 2011 and their love story gave birth to two children: the male of about eight years and the female of eleven.

Up until now, we haven't been able to find out if I'm alone separated or already divorced, even if it can be thought that the most plausible hypothesis is the first. Some rumors have revealed that their separation was somewhat stormy and difficult due to the lack of agreement.

By browsing the social we noticed some photos with her ex-husband, but they are very few and above all it is impossible to understand since they are no longer together. Now attention however it is aimed at new couple formed by Noemi and Francesco Totti.

The first rumors on the story with Francesco Totti

Many wonder when the love story between Francesco Totti and Noemi Bocchi began. The hypothesis most accredited is in August last year, but the first official rumors appeared in early January. For some time now there has been an air of crisis between Pupone and Ilary Blasi, but they have always been denials.

In January, however, the most informed they began to notice something suspicious. At first the ex of Roma had been spotted on stands during a game of Padel and a little behind was also Noemi. This photo had made the rounds of magazines and social networks so much they had suspicious the presenter of channel 5. After several allusions, the two directly interested had denied this alleged betrayal and the spirits had subsided, until Blasi discovered everything.

How she and the Pupone of Rome met

According to what has recently emerged on the web, Francesco and Noemi would have known for the first time in the stands of the fields of Padel, a great passion that unites them. The hypothesized period dates back to August last year. However, it seems that the attendance proper began a few months later.

In the following months they were sighted even several times in a restaurant frequented by Francesco, but also at the airport and at a party at Colle Oppio. It was just a party ad be suspicious lot of. Let's explain better. Noemi was at a party arranged by friends when he got a call and it was removed from the group.

Once the communication was over, it took effect and it is escaped only to find it shortly after in the place where Francesco had had a accident With the car. It was this event that started the suspects.

The exchange of person with Noemi, the singer. The insults on social media

Veronica Scopelliti, aka Noemi, is there singer most popular Italian in recent years. The artist boasts numerous attendance at the Sanremo Festival, the role of judge of XFactor and singles who have had a success incredible. But this summer she was the victim of a misunderstanding that cost her an infinite number of insults.

On social media she is very active and one day opening her profile she could read not very nice words towards her. You talk a lot heavy but they weren't aimed at her. A "fan" of Ilary Blasi thought well that the Naomi of this story was her and without half terms gave her "family ruin".

Il message it had been direct and with a rather pedantic tone, but the singer didn't think twice about it reply in an ironic way, as only she can do. She has in fact written to her that the best she can do is sing him a song. The artist very elegantly managed to get out of one situation not so pleasant and still very delicate.

Curiosities about Noemi Bocchi

Su Naomi Bocchi there is not much information, even if we think that it is no longer lacking in knowing it better. In the meantime we want to reveal a few Curiosity on the new flame of Francesco Totti.

  • Noemi Bocchi has one degree in economics, but his work is that of a flower designer;
  • He is a lover of Padel and it seems that not a single game is lost;
  • I children they are very friends of Francesco and Ilary's youngest, Isabel.

Social channels

Noemi Bocchi is not much active on social channels, at least right now that it could end up under the eye of the storm more than it already is. Hereinafter i link to social channels:

Instagram: noemi.bocchi

Tok only: @noemibocchi

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