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Tiziano Ferro it needs no introduction. It is a great Italian songwriter, record producer and lyricist who has become a lot famous not only in our country, but also abroad. We all remember his song X gift which topped the charts for many weeks.

But what do we know about him?

Biography of Tiziano Ferro

Tiziano Ferro It is born in 1980, more precisely on February 21 in Latina. His father Sergio is a surveyor, while his mother Giuliana is a housewife. Also lived with them brother Flavio, 11 years younger than Titian.

His first is with music it happened when he was only five years old when his parents gave him the keyboard for Christmas Bontempi. From what moment, Titian and music have become one lonely thing.

What did he study

Tiziano Ferro yes enrolls at the Liceo Scientifico Ettore Majorana in his hometown, Latina, where at the age of 18 he obtained the diploma with a score of 55 out of 60. Although his fixed thought was music, Titian still decided to enroll at the University.

La decision had been taken because, as is very well known, a career in music or entertainment is an unknown. Thus he initially enrolled in Engineering at La Sapienza in Rome and then moved on to Communication Sciences.

His suffering in adolescence

The singer has often said, in interviews, that he had a childhood and an adolescence tranquilla at the family level, but cannot say the same thing outside the home. Indeed, the character of him very shy of him led him to be outcast from his schoolmates.

This situation caused a big one suffering which resulted in the bulimia with associated weight gain. Indeed, in a certain period Titian weighed 111 kg.

Music as therapy

Adolescence it is one of the most complicated stages in human life and which must be overcome with the help and closeness of loved ones. Tiziano Ferro had all the help he needed, but in the period of bulimia he managed to take refuge in music.

It was the music that gave him the force to react, look forward and after falling, get up stronger than before. He therefore decided to participate in gods corsi private singing, classical guitar, piano and drums.

The first songs

Tiziano Ferro participated in several institutional events, singers and in 1999 he was one of the choristers of the group dei Undertone. However, it seemed that her career as a singer just couldn't take off. By 2001 many of the record labels had it rifiutato, but two great producers decided to believe in him.

We are talking about Mara Maionchi and Alberto Salerno who managed to to convince EMI to focus on Titian. And it is precisely in 2001 that the singer publishes his first single entitled X gift which in a very short time reached the top of the charts.

Among his very first songs we can mention The Olympics, Clumsy, Relative red e The things you don't say.

The most famous songs of Tiziano Ferro

At the beginning of his career, Tiziano Ferro was widely criticized. In reality, to end up under the crosshairs was his record company accused of having found another artist capable of attracting only so many little girls and nothing more. Over time, Tiziano Ferro has proved the opposite.

Among the songs more famous of the singer we can remember X gift, Ti scatterò una photo, Dark nights, I can't explain it, the difference between me and you, Stop! Forget, The Greatest Gift, Clumsy, The sun exists for all e At my age.

What is Tiziano Ferro's most successful single

Tiziano Ferro's success is incredible and all his own Songs they have become famous not only in Italy, but also abroad. However, there is a song that continues to be known and above all cantata even among the younger generation and we are talking about Relative red.

Collaborations with other artists

Tiziano Ferro begins and continues with his career as a singer solita, but boasts of numerous collaborations with internationally renowned artists. Indeed, we can remember the passage Question of feeling with Mina, Arrivederci Rome with Dean Martin, I can't explain it with Laura Pausini e Time itself with Franco Biattato.

But not only. Breathe Gentle with Kelly Rowland, my creed with Pepe Aguilar, Female friend with Miguel Bose, Killer with Baby K, They kiss women with Biagio Antonacci e The greatest gift with Amaia Montero.

The voice actor role

Tiziano Ferro has literally broken through in music, but on two occasions he has been chosen as dubber. The first role is to Jan in the 1992 Tokyo Movie Shinha-produced anime titled Nello and Patrasche and inspired by the story The dog of Flanders. Available in Italian since 1994.

The second role instead is that of Oscar in the cartoon Shark Tale from 2004, whose original voice was that of Will Smith.

Private life

of the vita privata about Tiziano Ferro there is not much information. We know however in 2004 he lived in Mexico and the following year he moved to the UK. In 2011 he returned to Milan and since 2016 he is quite permanent in Los Angeles. But what do we know about his affective sphere?

Coming out

For many years, Tiziano Ferro was a dream for many girls and women. He was not only considered a very good singer who in his songs told about his feelings, but he was also seen as a very beautifull desirable boy.

Then in 2011 he openly declared himself as homosexual. The news caused a sensation, but the artist admitted that he had been living with this secret for many years. If he hadn't come out, he tells Vanity Fair, he would be dead. By death he does not mean physical, but internal. Which is even worse.

Tiziano Ferro has decided to unveil although today's society is not yet fully ready for this step, but if it hadn't done it it would have lost only him. He now hopes to be an inspiration to many young people who are as struggling as he was.

Who is her partner Victor and what does he do

Is called Victor Allen the husband of Tiziano Ferro and he too belongs to the world of entertainment, but American. In fact, he's an ex consultant of Warner Bros and today owns his own marketing agency. We don't have much other information about him and social media isn't much help either.

Marriage to Victor

It was July 13, 2019 when Tiziano Ferro was close to sunset married the love of her life Victor Allen. The union took place in the singer's home in Sabaudia with a civil ceremony, but on 25 June they had already largely married secret to Los Angeles.

Titian and Victor now make up a beautiful family and it was Victor himself who made the proposal. Also in Vanity Fair, Ferro had said that he hadn't even had time to turn around when his partner was already inside knee with a ring in hand.

The adoption of the two children

Thus we arrive at February 28, 2022 when on Profile Instagram of Tiziano Ferro a wonderful and very sweet photo appeared in which he announced that he had become Pope of two children.

We do not know, and probably never will know, what the mode of parenting, but Tiziano and Victor became parents of Margherita e Andrew. The good news was communicated by two phone calls: the first announced the arrival of the girl and the second of the boy.

When the two little ones entered the family they had respectively 9 and 4 months and completed the family circle of Titian and Victor.

The problem with justice and judicial proceedings

For some time, Tiziano Ferro was protagonist some not exactly pleasant news about him. In fact, in July 2022 the Court of the city of Latina validated a measure precautionary measure imposed by the Revenue Agency.

It seems that the singer has not paid the cups, with a debt of 9 million euros, for the entire period he lived in London. She was instead rejected the proposed seizure of the company Tzn Srl, owned by the singer.

How to contact Tiziano Ferro?

Tiziano Ferro is a very popular artist social network and for this reason it is easy to contact or write to him. Another method to be able to communicate with him is through i meeting organized by fan clubs. Here you can access the online chat section where you can access shifts of six people and for a short time.

Finally, to be able to contact the singer privately, you can send a letter traditional address: Tiziano Ferro at “Tiziano Ferro Fan Club srl”, Via Maira 11 – 04100 Latina.

Curiosities about Tiziano Ferro

What we have told you is only part of the professional life e private by the singer Tiziano Ferro. Below we present a few Curiosity.

  • He was one of the first artists discovered by Mara Maionchi who rejected all her first pieces until she was struck by I can't explain it;
  • The title 111 of his second album recalls the weight he reached in the period of bulimia;
  • In Italy he had enrolled at the University of Communication Sciences, but never graduated. In Los Angeles, however, he acquired the title in English and Spanish Language and Translation;
  • In the municipal park of Latina there is a bench almost adored by Tiziano Ferro fans because it is precisely here that the song Xdono was born.

Social profiles of Tiziano Ferro

Below we report the link direct to profiles social by the singer Tiziano Ferro.

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