Tiziano Ferro in tears to Verissimo: I was bullied

Tiziano Ferro

Tiziano Ferro, during the last episode of Verissimo dedicated to him, cried as he recalled some difficult moments from his past “During my adolescence, I was bullied because I was judged fat and a loser. The success? At first I didn't take it well and I took refuge in alcohol."

Tiziano Ferro, today, he is one of the most loved Italian singers, not only by ex-adolescents of the early XNUMXs, but also by the new generations.

La However, his life has not been decidedly easy and, to tell it, it was Ferro himself a Verissimo during the special episode dedicated to him.

In living room of Silvia Toffanin, Tiziano Ferro did not hide anything, nor bullying suffered during childhood and adolescence, and the memory of which made him cry, nor his relationship (not always good) with success, which had initially driven him to take refuge in alcohol and to seek solitude.

“I couldn't believe it when they told me I was handsome and good. I felt out of place and, now, I can say that I didn't experience it very well at the time."

Tiziano Ferro

Tiziano Ferro “The worst moment? When I left Italy for Mexico.”

The worst moment, for Tiziano Ferro, was when left Italy for Mexico. After Mexico he took his bachelor's degree and, after realizing that his free thought could only exist far from popularity and that he had also become popular in the Latin American country, he decided to leave it and he moved to England:

“In England, however, anonymity has become the obligation of solitude. I couldn't look at myself in the mirror anymore: I didn't make friends, I didn't go to school, I hit the lowest point. There I also began to come to terms with my homosexuality: I was subjected to mobbing, everyone asked me who I was with, who I wanted, every interview was anguished because I knew they would ask me that question. I felt like I was in eighth grade again. I was scared and I felt flawed and England made the idea of ​​solitude into law. There my relationship with drink and alcohol exploded, for the worse, this annihilation of the mind.

Tiziano Ferro

Depression and rebirth through love

When did he think of have hit rock bottom, then came the trough after the years lived in London:

“I didn't ask for help because I didn't think I needed it, I just thought I was born defective. The first breakthrough came in 2008, because I couldn't talk to a person without feeling them pointing a finger at me thinking I was gay. I felt cornered, I was a sociopath and at that point I started going into analysis, I embraced a condition of beauty, I started talking to friends and family and it was automatic to talk to everyone.”

Tiziano Ferro

During that dark period it also has thought about suicide and Ferro, speaking of it, said that he is one of the most obvious symptoms of depression and must be treated as such:

“The goal of depression is to see you down. Depression is smart, it convinces you that your comfort zone, that of pain, is okay."

Tiziano Ferro

Then in 2016 comes the rebirth through love when he met Victor, that is,man who would later become her companion.

Three years later they got married and, in February 2022, the children Andres and Margherita: the coveted children, which he believed were something denied to "those like him":

“When you resign yourself to the fact that reality, if it isn't beautiful, is your fault and therefore you simply have to take it over. I have lived most of my life with this awareness. Then the miracle, that thing that happens against all odds.”

Tiziano Ferro

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