Tommaso Zorzi attacks Giorgia Meloni: "she is like Franzoni"

tommaso zorzi attacks giorgia meloni

Tommaso Zorzi, in a story on Instagram, compared Giorgia Meloni to Annamaria Franzoni, killer of the Cogne crime. The reaction of followers and journalists, such as Francesco Vecchi, was immediate, who expressed their indignation: "Absurd comparison and uncommentable words."

Tommaso Zorzi returns to be talked about, and not for his connection with Francis Oppini, son of Alba parietti.

In a story published on Instagram, the former gieffino lashed out against Giorgia Meloni, coming to compare it to Annamaria Franzoni, the killer of the crime of Cogne.

The comparison, needless to say, immediately aroused general indignation and a chorus of protests, not only from followers, but also from journalists and the world of media.

Francesco Vecchi replies to Tommaso Zorzi: "Incommentable words"

Among these also that of Francis Vecchi, a Mediaset journalist, who in a space of Morning Five dedicated to the reactions of the VIPs in front of the victory by Giorgia Meloni, condemned Zorzi with very harsh words:

“Incommentable words. One thing is politics, another is a comparison with a murderer. Here we are right outside the bed of reasonableness. "

Upon hearing of the TV dispute, Tommaso Zorzi he increased the dose, saying that he had been exploited and that his words were not misunderstood but very clear.

Followers lash out against Tommaso Zorzi: "We respect you, but ..."

Vecchi, however, was not the only one to lash out against the former gieffino, because even his followers, unlike other times, have rowed against him:

"Please, with all due respect, don't make absurd comparisons."

And yet:

"These are offensive and also very not very constructive outings."

Zorzi, already in the past, had been the protagonist of very heavy political statements, such as those expressed against Matteo Salvini, but he had never gone this far.

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