Amadeus replies to the FdI deputy "Everyone is free to love as they want"

amadeus during an interview before san remo

Excited moments during the press conference before Sanremo, during which Amadeus cut out a few moments to respond to the controversy of the “gender fluid” in San Remo.

During his response Amadeus was clear:

The moralists scare me. Everyone is free to love and live as he wants. Love doesn't have to be labelled. The children don't get upset, the important thing is that the parents don't get upset.


The speech of the FDL deputy against polygamous love

The problem arose when the deputy Donatella Morgante of Brothers of Italy spoke in the courtroom at Montecitorio. During the intervention she entered into the merits of the song "Made in Italy:” that Rosa Chemical will present in Sanremo.

He will talk about sex, about polygamous love need porn su OnlyFans at the Sanremo Festival, all this is inappropriate

Donatella Morgante

A tough intervention against what, in his opinion, has become the most gender fluid appointment ever, or rather Sanremo.

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