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Every year there are many kids who show up for auditions Friends, but only a few have this great opportunity. As time passes, teachers also become more and more demanding, strict and pretentious precisely because their obiettivo is to bring forward talents ready to enter the ruthless world of entertainment.

Among the dancers who won the shirt and the dance desk in the Amici 23 edition we find Fist. But what do we know about him?

Where Kumo was born and biography of the Amici dancer

To stand out among the dancers of the 2023/2024 edition are Fist whose real name is Tiziano Coiro. We don't have much information about him, such as the precise date of his birthday. We know that was born in 2001, originally from Gaeta (Lazio).

In this short time inside the school he said he had the passion for dance, especially Hip Hop, since he was just a child. He has been there for a few years transferred to Milan leaving his family of origin in his country.

Kumo's studies and career

Fist he is a dancer who has impressed not only the Amici audience, but also the teachers. We don't know what his educational path was, but we are aware of the fact that he has always cultivated his passion and studied dance.

In fact, he said that he had recently moved to Milan, the city where he managed to start his business career. His greatest achievement was to join the dance troupe of the concert Elodie, also a talent from the Amici school.

He then decides to try his luck with the Amici auditions and thanks to the teacher Emanuel Lo joins the school.

Accident and origin of the stage name

Kumo, after the first episode of the program, entered the house together with his companions and as often happens the boys find themselves talking a lot for get to know each other better. Tiziano, better known as Kumo, confided in Ezio and Holden about an anecdote that concerned him a few years ago.

This event, which marked him greatly, has to do with his own stage name. Chatting then it emerged that about five years ago, the boy had a very bad accident in which he risked his life. In fact, he lost a kidney and for the next five minutes he was hanging on a razor's edge.

Although the operation went well and he was safe, for a long time he was hospitalized in a hospital in Rome and was unable to see or meet anyone except from a window. In fact, his condition was improving but due to a collapsed lung the doctors deemed it appropriate isolate it.

The origin of the stage name

Kumo, telling about that terrible accident appeared again tested and he told an anecdote that particularly affected him. During the ride in the ambulance, in the hospital, before and after the operation he did nothing but see gods spiders next to him.

Once discharged he met a very dear friend of his to whom he told this story. The girl is passionate about manga and Japanese cartoons and translated the term spider into Japanese. Fist it is the result of what emerged and Tiziano chose to use it as his stage name.

He concluded by saying that he feels it proud of all this because he keeps that period of his life alive, even if it wasn't easy at all.

Kumo's private life

With regard to the vita privata We don't have much information about the dancer, but by browsing on social media we discovered that he is engaged to a girl named Alessia and it seems that she is a dancer too.

Curiosities of Kumo

The information we have on Kumo isn't much, but here's some of it Curiosity on his account.

  • He participated in the dance troupe at the opening ceremony of the 2022 Football World Cup in Qatar;
  • He studied dance at the Centro del Movimento Danzarte school in his city;
  • He risked dying following an accident;
  • He has several tattoos.

Kumo social profiles

Kumo is not very active on social if not on Instagram where he shares much of his life. Below is the direct link.

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