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In the 23rd edition of Amici we met a young dancer who, at just 17 years old, enchanted not only the audience, but also the teachers, Alessandra Celentano included. Her name is Marisol ed She is originally from Cuba. Let's get to know it better.

Marisol, when she was born and biography

"Simply gorgeous” this is how the most severe of professors, Alessandra Celentano, defined the young 17 year old Marisol Castellanos. Knowing the teacher, getting a compliment like that right from the first episode is truly a very rare event.

Currently we do not know his precise date of birth, but we know how to be born in the 2006 and it's originally from Cuba. During her presentation she admitted that she was very attached to hers family, especially to the mother. Unfortunately, we don't even know if she is an only child or if she has brothers or sisters.

The passion for dance

Marisol he is only 17 years old when he enters school Friends and despite her young age she seems to be more determined than ever to achieve very specific goals. In fact, she said she had had it passion for dance from an early age and began studying this discipline when he was only 6 years old.

It is in the city of Biella where she began her training at the Dance4 school and from here she emerged a dancer whose talent it is undeniable. However, due to some health problems, the young girl had to interrupt her studies, but in the fifth grade she resumed with her dream.

Marisol was also there world champion of Poleart Italy and won the title thanks to a famous choreographer by the name of Emily Angelillo.

From Italia's Got Talent to Amici

As previously mentioned, Marisol has the passion for dance since she was just a child and despite being only 17 she has very clear ideas about her future. In fact, in 2020 she decides to participate in Italia's got talent and despite having enchanted the audience, she failed to reach hers purpose.

So he decides to try his luck Friends and right during the first episode she managed to get the dance desk. After her performance, Marisol admitted that her parents did a lot sacrifices to enable her to make all her dreams come true and that is why she is very grateful to them.

Marisol's journey to Amici

Marisol performed during the first episode of the talent show and if the teacher Alessandra Celentano immediately showered her with compliments, Raymond Todaro he immediately sent her a challenge and in the letter received the teacher explains that he requested this test because he also wants to see it in other styles.

He also underlined that he really appreciates her as a dancer, but would like to understand if she is able to get out of hers comfort zone or if she is limited to her style. She then proposes a Latin American choreography, a completely different genre from hers. The girl, despite an initial crisis, is determined to demonstrate what she is capable of doing.

Private life of Marisol, Amici's student

At the moment, the dancer Marisol he obtained one of the desks at Amici's school, but the journey is long and complex. He will therefore have to prove his case skill and ability. As for yours vita privata We don't have any information. We therefore do not know whether she is engaged or single.

Marisol's social profiles

At the moment we know little information about Marisol, but her journey began recently. We are sure that we will soon know much more about her. In the meantime, below you will find direct links to his social profiles.

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