Friends, who is the singer Lil Jolie: when she was born, real name and curiosities

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Lil Jolie she is one of the students of Amici, the most loved talent show on Italian television. His unpublished Madness won over the teacher Rudy Zerby and will have to prove that she deserves the singing bench entrusted to her. But what do we know about her?

Let's get to know it better.

Lil Jolie, when she was born and biography of the Amici singer

Lil Jolie she joined the class of 23 friends and although she appeared to be a very shy girl, she immediately seemed extremely determined to achieve her goals.

She was born on March 29, 2000, therefore He is of the sign of Aries.

His true name is Angela Ciancio and is originally from Caserta. She defines herself as a very competitive girl, especially with herself and is committed to chasing her dream moved to Milan. For her, music represents something liberating and makes her feel good.

It appears that he has no brothers or sisters that he has a good relationship with parents. She approached music at just 5 years old, thanks to grandfather Luigi who gave her one classic guitar.


And if you really want to live a life

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The origin of his stage name

Lil Jolie is a stage name very particular and clearly aroused great curiosity. Angela explained that she was born from her great passion for the actress Angelina Jolie and fell in love with his person while watching the film Interrupted girls.

Lil Jolie's studies and musical career

We don't know what schools Lil Jolie attended, but we know hers career in music began in effect between 2017 and 2018 on Soundcloud where he published some of his songs. In reality, the passion for music was born when she was just a child, but in recent years she has managed to get noticed.

One of his best known songs is titled Will you come back, but many of us will recognize her from the song We, created in collaboration with one of the former X Factor contestants, Vale Lp. In 2019 he published Getting hurt and the following year Diamonds.

The best known and most appreciated single is the one made with Ketama whose title is Panic. The latter grossed well 1.2 million plays on the Spotify music platform.

Path to Friends of Lil Jolie

Lil Jolie, despite her young age, has already made herself known and noticed. After introducing her, Maria De Filippi offers her the opportunity to perform in front of the three teachers singing and offers the cover of Matia Bazar, An hour of love.

Then pressed by Rudy Zerby, Lil Jolie performs her unreleased song Madness leading the teacher to have no doubts and assigning her the shirt and the singing desk. The teacher placed great trust in her and it seems that the young singer is already "reciprocating" as she has positioned herself first in the ranking of the singing competition.

Lil Jolie's private life

With regard to the vita privata We don't have any information about Lil Jolie. In fact, we don't know if she is engaged or single, but we are certain that we will discover many curiosities during the boys' journey.

Social profiles

Angela Ciancio, aka Lil Jolie, seems to be very active on social media. In particular, she publishes a lot of content on Instagram, Twitter and Tik Tok. Let's see below direct links.

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