Beyoncé in Italy: Tiziano Ferro "It's not my fault, I tell you the truth."

Tiziano Ferro

Fans revolt against Tiziano Ferro because, according to them, it is his fault that Beyoncé's 2023 tour will not pass through Italy. And the singer, surprisingly, is forced to defend himself: "Don't blame me, I'm not the one who decides who performs at San Siro."

I Carnival 2023 celebrations are starting to go to the head of more than one fan: in the last few hours, a real one has broken out on social networks Beyoncé case in Italy.

What happened? As we know Beyoncé, in recent days, announced his world tour 2023, which will also touch Europe. Between great absentees but there is one that is causing a lot of discussion: theItaly.

All normal, after all the tour has just been announced and, therefore, it will be a while before all the dates appear. Except that, yesterday, the Instagram profile Beyoncé Tribe Italy, in a stories, he said about a possible Beyoncé concert in Italy that:

“After the impossibility of holding a concert in mid-June at San Siro due to Tiziano Ferro's tour which will occupy the stadium for four days, negotiations have been reopened for the beginning of June.”

Beyoncé fans VS Tiziano Ferro, he “Do you realise? It is clear that this is fake news.”

The stories on Instagram, as expected, has unleashed many Comments , anger of Beyoncé fans, who have begun to write really heavy sentences, of which we list some of them:

“Beyoncé can't come to Italy because of Tiziano Ferro.”

“Tiziano Ferro boycotting Beyoncé.”

“Mrs Beyoncé evicted by Tiziano Ferro.”

So that Tiziano Ferro, seeing the anger against him mount (and, of course, after having received a few too many messages in private), he decided to intervene in the first person to calm spirits, making a story on his Instagram profile in which, in no uncertain terms, he says:

“But do you think I really have the power to decide who can or can't go to concerts at San Siro?!? Come on, guys, please, but let's use our intellect: it's clear that this is fake news. First of all, it's not true that I have a fourth date at the San Siro. And then - if it were necessary to explain it - all of us artists must defer to the competent institutions in the field of permits and usability. It's not within my competence nor within my possibilities to be able to choose who plays or not in the San Siro stadium. I feel a bit stupid having to specify it but obviously it is necessary to do so.”

Concluding his message, Tiziano Ferro urged fans not to complain to him, but to the competent authorities, especially because:

“…I want to go to Beyoncé's concert too!”

The question at this point is: will the competent authorities be able to achieve the impossible and bring about Beyoncé in Italy? In the meantime everything is still to be defined given that, once the danger of Covid-19 has passed, it is clear that this year during the summer months there will be many artists who want to return to Italy with their tours and to please them all will be one mission deserve it Impossible.

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