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Who does not know Chiara Ferragni? The Mrs. Ferragnez (nickname chosen following his marriage to Fedez and which has now become a real term) is absolute the best-known influencer in Italy as well as an entrepreneur, designer and model.


Origins and family

Chiara Ferragni was born in Cremona on May 7, 1987 and has, therefore, at the time of writing, 35 years. His father, Marco Ferragni, is a well-known dentist while his mother, Marina Di Guardo, is a writer and entrepreneur. Clare Ferragni he has two sisters and a half-brother. In fact, her sister Francesca was born in 1989 (dentist like her father) while Valentina, her youngest, in 1992 (influencer). Not much is known about his brother Lorenzo, born of a relationship between his father and another woman.

Chiara Ferragni, finished middle school, attended the Classical High School Daniele Manin of his city to enroll, once he has obtained his diploma, at theBocconi University to the Faculty of Law without completing the course of study (to be resumed, according to his statements, as soon as possible).

Relationships and marriage

La first important report by Chiara Ferragni is that with the entrepreneur Riccardo Pozzoli which also helped her launch her first blog. Once moved to Los Angeles, in 2013 Ferragni began a relationship with photographer Andrew Arthur and, finally, with Fedez. The story became official in 2016 to lead to the wedding in 2018.

Children and relationship with parenthood

Chiara Ferragni is, to date, mother of two born from the relationship (and subsequent marriage) with the rapper Fedez. The March 19, 2018, in fact, was born the eldest of the couple, Lion. Three years later, on March 23, 2021, the girl, Vittoria, was born.

Chiara Ferragni she has often expressed herself on the subject of parenting repeatedly claiming that

In Italy it is difficult to accept an entrepreneurial mother.

His words on women mothers are quite clear and fully show his thoughts on the concept, to be eliminated, of the perfect mother who cannot be a worker at the same time.

When you become a mother to society you are almost nothing else. I always think that everything I do is always a little scrutinized, looked at with a magnifying glass. It almost seems that one has to choose whether to be more of an entrepreneur or more of a mother: there is still little idea that one can be both.

Ferragni underlines how in Italy, having a child and wanting to feel fulfilled at work is still a contradiction for women. This does not happen, however, for fathers whose work for the family is always, and in any case, exalted. And the entrepreneur concludes:

I hope that the new generations are committed to changing this principle!


Il Chiara Ferragni's success comes above all to her being an influencer and, indeed, to have somehow launched this new profession. Fedez's wife is also a well-known face on television (she actively participated in the latest edition of the Sanremo Festival) and a very successful entrepreneur.


Until a few years ago, the work of influencer did not yet exist. For paving the way for millions of boys and girls around the world, in this sense, it was just Chiara Ferragni who, not surprisingly, is considered today the influencer par excellence (and undoubtedly the best known in Italy). behold theuse of social media and its image become for her the best way to communicate and get to know with a unprecedented number of followers and growing day by day (there are currently over 20 million on Instagram).

Influencer work is going so well that in 2015, Forbes included Ferragni in the list of the 30 most influential people under 30 in the "Art and Style" sector recognizing its contribution both to the world of fashion and to that of communication. To date, she has been called the world's top fashion influencer and is disputed by the main brands of the globe (such as Pantene, Swarovski and Intimissimi) who want it for their advertising campaigns. The giant Mattel then created two Barbies inspired by Chiara Ferragni.

Business Woman

Chiara Ferragni began her career as an entrepreneur very young. She was just 22 when, in 2009, opens the blog “The Blonde Salad” dedicated to fashion and lifestyle topics, which have always been his passion. An investment of just 500 euros and a lot of good will immediately bring the first results thanks to sponsorships.

In 2010 launches his first line of shoes. the Chiara Ferragni Collection which paves the way for the subsequent collaboration with Steve Madden for a new line of footwear and the first store to open in Milan. Between 2015 and 2017 the leap in quality: the blog becomes TBS Crew Srl, a company capable of a turnover of approximately 40 million euros per year and which includes atalent agency, an online newspaper and an e-commerce platform. From 2021 Ferragnez is officially part of the Tod's Board of Directors making the shares skyrocket and managing to give space to its commitments in the social sphere (for example against body shaming and violence against women).

International Prizes

Several awards and recognitions which, over the years, have followed one another for Chiara Ferragni and are derived both from his work activity and from his social commitment. From 2016 to 2023 these can be summarized as follows:

  • Footwear News Achievement Awards (2016);
  • Top Digital Leader Award (2017);
  • Golden Lion for civic engagement (2020);
  • Ambrogino d'oro for civic engagement (2020);
  • Entrepreneur of the Yar about you Awards (2021);
  • GQ Woman of the Year Awards (2021);
  • Telegatto to the best television debut (2023)
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