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Born in 1988 in Turin, Julia Ellie is a blogger, actress and author best known for her project “Desperately Mom“, featured on Instagram with over 600 thousand followers. Born on June 24 and is therefore from Zodiac sign of Cancer. She is very attached to mother which often appears in his social posts. In fact, the lady goes for long and short periods to Julia's house to experience the family together.

Initially, Julia dreamed of becoming one singer successful, but the maternity changed his career path. In 2016, in fact, she discovers she is pregnant with her first daughter and she interrupts her musical career to devote herself to the family. But then comes her great success.

Desperately Mom: the successful project

Julia Elle founded Desperately Mom in 2016, creating a series of videos on YouTube in which he talks about his life as a parent with irony and authenticity. Demolishing the stereotypes on the “perfect mom,” Julia has gained thousands of Instagram followers and wrote well 5 books inspired by his experience. And the objectives of each text always concern the same purpose: to help women in need.

The private life of Julia Elle

La love life of Julia was marked by two important relationships. The first with her ex-partner, father of her first daughter Chloe. In fact, just recently Julia stated that Chris, her second child, is the result of another relationship where the partner did not want to recognize the child and disappeared into thin air.

Subsequently, Julia had a third child, Chiara, with the industrial designer Richard Macario, with whom you are married in 2021.

Riccardo Macario, the ideal man

Of Lombard origins, Riccardo Macarius he is an industrial designer whom Julia describes as the ideal man. The couple got engaged in 2019, but due to the Coronavirus emergency, the wedding was postponed to 2021. Julia praises Riccardo for his sense of humor, his ability to relate to children and his cooking skills.

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