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Matthias Zenzola, 19 year old young dancer from Bari, he emerged as a leading figure in the world of dance. Matthias was an integral part of two seasons sequels of the popular Italian TV show “Amici”.

He originally participated as student at Amici 21 program cycle, under the guidance of Professor Raimondo Todaro. But a ankle accident forced Mattia to leave the show early. Despite this setback, he made an rtriumphal return to “Amici 22”, winning first place.

The Early Years and the Love for Dance

Born on 15 January 2004 in Bari, Mattia has nurtured a passion for dance since he was young. He followed in his mother's footsteps, a fitness teacher, majoring in Latin dance and Zumba. At 11, he had the opportunity to dance with Beto Perez, the creator of zumba, thanks to his mother's teachings.

Mattia Zenzola on Instagram

Mattia has a significant presence on InstagramOver 441.000 thousand followers. She regularly shares videos of her dance performances, as well as shots of her daily life.

Mattia's return to "Amici 22"

Mattia Zenzola was a prominent participant in “Friends 21” but a accident which forced him to leave the program, he demonstrated great talent and a passion for dance.

l return by Matthias ad “Friends 22” it was remarkable. Despite his difficulties, he stood out for his dance skills and his tenacity. Among the other students of "Amici 22", Mattia stood out for the significant improvements he made during the year of forced stop.

Mattia Zenzola is one of the students who have achieved the evening of "Friends 22". On May 14, 2023, Mattia manages to win Friends 22, even beating Angelina Mango who for everyone was destined to win.

What happened to Mattia's father?

During Friends 22, Matthias Zenzola was pervaded by a deep terror due to the state of father's precarious health, living in a state of constant anxiety afraid of losing it. The winner of Amici was summoned to the studio with a pretext and, once he arrived, he found himself reading a letter of her mother, accompanied by a video of her room, her personal refuge during times of great difficulty.

Here is an excerpt from the letter from the mother of Matthias Zenzola:

My dear Mattia, she is your mother. You have finally reached the goal you so longed for, the final that you have been pursuing for two years overcoming every difficulty that came your way. You have always shown great strength, ever since you were little… Your room is the place where you retired when your father was ill, in the months in which the anguish of losing him accompanied you…”. At the end of reading the letter, Mattia Zenzola's father unexpectedly appeared and reassured his son about his health with very emotional words: “I'm perfectly fine. I'm here for you. It's all over. Now you will have to live your life in peace. I love you immensely and you know it…

The sentimental life of Mattia Zenzola

Having joined "Amici" as a single, Mattia developed a bond with the dancer Maddalena. Despite the end of their relationship, Mattia still seems to have a soft spot for her. At the moment he should be single.

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