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Nikita Pelizon from GF VIP 7 2023
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Nikita Pelizon, known as Nikita who won the edition of Big Brother VIP 7, is a 29-year-old influencer and model from Trieste. Her fame in the world of television has grown thanks to her participation in programs such as Temptation Island 2018 ed Ex on the Beach, where she played the role of Matteo Diamante's ex-girlfriend. She took part in Beijing Express paired with Helena Prestes and joined the cast of VIP Big Brother 7.

Born on March 20, 1994 in Trieste, Nikita has always shown a great passion for the world of fashion. At only 18, she decides to pursue a career in model, despite family difficulties due to religious differences with parents, Jehovah's Witnesses. After leaving the family home, Nikita worked hard to make her way in the fashion industry, eventually reaching the success and to earn a place in the world of entertainment.

Family Relationships

Nikita had a childhood complicated due to differences religious with parents. The mother, Sabrina, is one Jehovah's Witness and their relationship has always been rocky. Despite Nikita's attempt to reconcile with her mother through a letter, their relationship remains tense.

Meanwhile, Nikita has managed to recover the relationship with the father, who supports her in her modeling and influencer career.

Why does he have a foreign accent?

Two people close to Nikita Pelizon, his sister Jessica and ex-boyfriend Matteo Diamante, have provided explanations about the only one English accent of the model and influencer.

They revealed that Nikita, despite being Italian, the to travel a lot led her to speak in English frequently and as a result as time went on, the his Trieste accent has softened, making room for this peculiar accent English. They also mentioned theirs too aunt, who moved to London, speaks with a similar accent when speaking Italian.

Love life

Nikita is currently single, although there have been rumors of an affair with the entrepreneur Valerio Tremiterra. La sister by Nikita, Jessica, ha denied these rumors, defining their acquaintance as a brief acquaintance and not an engagement.

The relationship with Matteo Diamante

In 2021, Nikita participated in the program Ex On The Beach, where he met again Matteo Diamante (with whom she broke up in 2020 for the first time). Over the course of the show, the two agreed to rekindle their relationship. Matteo was very determined to make the relationship work, but unfortunately, their romance didn't last long. The two yes they have known for seven years and, through thick and thin, they have been together for a total of five years.

The reason for the breakup between Matteo and Nikita, according to the version of the young Genoese, was due to incompatibility temperamental and the disappointing behavior of the model. In a moment of difficulty, Nikita should have supported him, but she would have rejected him instead. Afterwards, Diamante embarked on a relationship with Federica Tirassa, another participant of Ex on the Beach 3.

Career and television appearances

Nikita Pelizon she kicked off her career in 2012 in Milan, where her beauty and talent allowed her to travel the world and become a testimonial for the telephone operator Three in Sweden.

In 2018, Nikita gained notoriety in Italy by participating in Temptation island as a temptress ea Ex on the Beach in the role of Matteo Diamante's ex-girlfriend. In 2022, she was part of the cast of Beijing Express together with Helena Prestes, forming the “Italy-Brazil” couple. She is currently a competitor of the VIP Big Brother 7.

Winner of Big Brother VIP 7

During reality show, Nikita faced several challenges and hard times, including dislikes and accusations of strategizing and manipulation. But Nikita he proved to be a determined person and able to face these difficulties with courage and determination.

Despite these difficulties, Nikita also built solid friendships inside the GF's home and earned the support of the audience at home. He won the seventh edition of VIP Big Brother 7 surpassing her friend and competitor Oriana Marzoli.

The video of the victory

How much did he earn by winning the GF VIP?

How much did he earn Nikita Pelizon thanks to this TV adventure? In theory the jackpot journal of the seventh edition, as well as the previous ones, has remained unchanged or 100.000 €.

But not everyone is aware of the fact that the winner will not receive the entire sum, but will have to donate half of the prize to charity, choosing an organization in advance. Essentially, the winner of the reality show will get a prize pool of 50.000 €. In the past, various participants have decided to donate half of the prize to organizations such as the Francesca Rava Foundation NPH Italy, Italian Red Cross, Telethon Foundation and others.

It is important to point out that the choice of charity to which donating the prize fund is carried out long before the final evening, so as not to suffer any external influence.

Future projects

Despite the success achieved in the television and in the world of show, Nikita expressed a desire to continue to grow and improve in her modeling career. After the end of Big Brother VIP 7, Nikita hopes to continue work in the fashion industry, both as a model and as an influencer, and to expand her presence in the entertainment world.

Also, Nikita recently revealed that she is interested to enter the world of movies and wanting to explore new opportunities like attrice. With her determination and passion, there is no doubt that Nikita will be able to achieve all of her goals and dreams in the near future.

News about Nikita Pelizon's victory at GF VIP

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