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Ornella Muti she is one of the most popular and loved Italian actresses who broke through in the world of television at a very young age and boasts a respectable curriculum. In her career she has held various positions roles working alongside big names in cinema. Let's get to know him better.  

Biography of Ornella Muti  

Ornella Muti It is born on March 9, 1955 in Rome, but her real name is Francesca Romana Rivelli.  

Who are his parents 

Ornella Muti was born from father of Neapolitan origin who was a journalist by trade and from mum Estonian. The latter is called Ilse Renate Krause and was a famous sculptor. Ornella is not an only child, she also has a sister called Claudia Rivelli, also a famous actress.  

Work and career  

La career by Ornella Muti is characterized by many successes and satisfactions that began at just 14 years old. Let's go over it together.  

The film debut  

As we have just mentioned above, Ornella Muti's extraordinary career begins very early and for this reason we have no news regarding her course of study. In 1969, at the age of just 14, she was chosen and courted by Damiano Damiani for the film The most beautiful wife and it is at this time that he appears for the first time in the cinema.  

The director forced her to use what is now hers stage name as there was already a Rivelli. For this reason she chose the name of Ornella Muti which derives from two characters in a story by Gabriele D'Annunzio.  

Films abroad  

The film debut was a great fortune for the actress who was also called abroad for other movies. She had great success especially in Spain where she will be the protagonist of Secretary, One great love, Premarital experiences e The Teenage Lover.  

The hit of the seventies and eighties 

The golden years for Ornella Muti are the seventies and eighties, years in which she meets the greats directors which will offer you great opportunities.  

In 1974 she met Mario Monicelli who proposed her the role of Vincenzina in the film Popular novel. The film was an incredible success and brought her great notoriety. Just in these years she took part in several films and below we will see which ones are the most famous.  

What are Ornella Muti's most famous films 

Besides Popular novel mentioned above, Ornella Muti's curriculum boasts numerous successes. In the seventies recital in Like a rose on the nose, First love e The bishop's room, The new monsters e The last woman.  

In the eighties instead appears in Stories of ordinary madness, Flash Gordon, For love and for money, The tamed shrew, Nobody's perfect, A poor rich man, The future is female and many others.  

What has made her a complete artist is the fact that she has covered several roles, from the prostitute to the wicked princess up to cover the guise of a psychotic.  

Ornella Muti at the Sanremo Festival 

In 2022 she was chosen as Amadeus' supporter at Festival of Sanremo in one of the evenings of the singing Kermesse. The beautiful actress showed up in an elegant black dress and a silver one, but what baffled the audience the most is that they didn't give her the opportunity to highlight his qualities as an artist.  

Before going down the famous stairs he admitted to being a lot excited because, until proven otherwise, that theater has great significance and importance for our country. For many years now.  

Who dressed Ornella Muti at the Sanremo Festival 

Ornella Muti sported gods cool incredibly beautiful on the occasion of the Sanremo Festival. The stylist chosen was Francesco Scognamiglio who made bespoke suits. The actress highlighted her perfect physique and her elegance was the main element of her.  

Why does Ornella Muti have a hoarse voice?  

Ornella Muti has the hoarse voice and we all noticed it. This has created some problems over the years so as to be ashamed. In fact, in an interview she had admitted that she often comes exchanged for a man.  

He also explained that he had a problem with vocal cords and that issue goes back several years when he strained his voice exponentially.  

Private life of Ornella Muti 

La vita privata by Ornella Muti is known to all and we know that in addition to two finished marriages, she also had a flirtation with Adriano Celentano. But let's go into more detail. 

The first marriage with Alessio Orano  

Ornella Muti's first great love was Alessio orano met in 1970 on the set of The most beautiful wife. From the first moment they fall in love and in 1975 they get married. Unfortunately, however, in 1981 they leave.  

Soon after the actress has an affair with Jose Luis Bernudez de Castro, a famous film producer, with whom she has a beautiful and important love story despite the fact that they never married.  

The second marriage with Federico Facchinetti 

From 1988 to 1996, Ornella Muti married Federico Facchinetti. We don't have much information about him except that in 1994 he was arrested on charges of fraudulent bankruptcy and criminal association.  

This scandal it caused various problems not only for him, but also for his wife who was in the golden age of her career in those years. Not to mention that there were also children involved.  

How many are Ornella Muti's children and who are they?  

Ornella Muti has in total three children: naike, Caroline and Andrew. Her first daughter, currently a singer, was born during the relationship that her mother had with the Spanish producer, although some rumors have speculated that following a DNA test he is not her real father. Reason why the woman bears the surname of her mother.  

No children were born from her first relationship with Alessio Orano, but during the second marriage they are born Andrea e Carolina, both actors.  

The girl, born in 1984, followed in her mother's footsteps for a few years and then abandoned the sets for love of her family. She made it nonna Ornella with Alessandro and Giulia, born in 2014 and 2016. Unfortunately her husband and father of her children passed away following a brain tumour.  

Andrea instead, he is a beautiful model and actor. He had the chance to study at the New York Film Academy and as far as we know he is engaged to a woman named Carol.  

The scandal of the clandestine story with Adriano Celentano  

Ornella Muti and Adriano Celentano they met during the filming of the film The tamed shrew and we are in 1980. The passion, however, struck only a year later and for a long time this secret remained only in their hearts.  

In those years the singer was married to Claudia Mori, while she to Federico Facchinetti. The first to talk about this flirtation it was Celentano himself in front of his wife and Muti was very surprised.  

In 2014 he then declared in an interview that it was true of this liason, but if he really needed to free his conscience he would have talk about first with her. This story caused quite a stir, mostly because both were married.  

What religion is Ornella Muti 

Ornella Muti has repeatedly reiterated that she converted several years ago to Buddhism and embraces that religion with dedication and strong belief.  

Judicial proceedings: the scandal and the lawsuit  

In 2017, more precisely on July 6, Ornella Muti comes condemned to pay a fine of 500 euros and 6 months in prison for fraud. The actress, in 2010, was supposed to star in the show The Jew by Gianni Clementi at the Pordenone Theater.  

A cachet of 24 euros had been fixed, but at the last minute Muti didn't show up because she gave herself up malata. He then presented a medical certificate attesting to his precarious health conditions and in which at least five days of inactivity of the voice were prescribed.  

Too bad, however, that in December she flew to Russia where she had been invited by Vladimir Putin himself to attend a charity event. The penalty came later suspended, but had to pay compensation of 30 thousand euros to the Teatro del Friuli.  

Curiosities about Ornella Muti

All that we have just told you is what we know about Ornella Muti, but here are some of them Curiosity that perhaps not everyone knows.

  • In 1994 she was elected the most beautiful woman in the world by a US magazine, Class;
  • In 2017, he spent a long time in the hospital with a broken arm;
  • In recent years he has been working only with female directors;
  • At 64, she is described as the sexiest woman alive.

Social profiles of Ornella Muti

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