Who is Paolo Masella, the GF competitor who insults Naples

Paolo Masella the GF competitor
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If you believe that the Big Brother is just an arena for future influencers and already familiar faces, then it's time to think again. We present you Paolo Masella, a young man butcher who chose to leave his workbench to join the inhabitants of the most observed house in Italy.

Where he was born and family

Born and raised in Rome, La Eternal City, Paolo is a true Roman doc. His family is like an open book with some pages torn out; His parents are divorced and Paolo grew up under the protective wing of a mother to whom he is very close.

  • Date of birth: 1998
  • Place of birth: Rome
  • Age: 25 years old 

Participation in the GF Vip is the first competitor revealed

Il 11 September 2023 it is a date that Paolo will not easily forget. It's the day when has crossed the threshold of the Big Brother house, becoming the first competitor revealed in this edition. He's not only a new face on the television scene, but also a symbol of how reality TV is trying to diversify its cast.

What do you do for work?

While some dream of the limelight, Paolo has always had his feet on the ground, or rather, in his case, close to the butcher's counter.
Yes, you got it right: our Paolo is a butcher. But don't think of the classic neighborhood butcher; he he's a professional who gets up at 5 in the morning and works six days a week, with a passion for his craft that goes beyond the simple work routine.

Is Paolo Masella engaged?

If you're hoping to win the heart of this young Roman, there's good news: Paolo is currently single.
He confessed that, between a steak and a fillet, there is no shortage of opportunities to find love, but for now he prefers to maintain the status of a lonely heart.

Criticism of Naples “The city has little cultural history”

Unfortunately not even time to enter and Masella has already made himself noticed for some very ambiguous statements. According to the Roman, in fact, he doesn't like Naples because "it has little cultural history".

A phrase that has moved the hearts of many Neapolitans, considering that we are talking about one of the most ancient cities of Italy with millions of monuments.


His social media profiles

In an era where everyone seems to live a double life between reality and social media, Paolo is an anomaly. Don't look for it on Instagram, Twitter or TikTok because it simply isn't there.

Paolo is an old-fashioned guy, who prefers to live life without the filter of social media.

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