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Zerocalcare, Michele Rech
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Zerocalcare is a name that resonates in multiple circles, even on TV thanks to the series “Ripping along the edges” and the recent one "This world won't make me bad", both produced by Netflix in six episodes that draws from the life and story of its creator. This comic book author has gained significant affection not only in the Italian landscape but also abroad.

Biography Zerocalcare

Michael Rech, better known by the pseudonym of Zerocalcare, was born in Cortona (Arezzo in Tuscany) the 12 December 1983. Zerocalcare becomes known for its drawing technique characterized by soft lines, supported by textures that privilege topical issues, all filtered through his personal life experiences, often told with irony and with a nonconformist perspective.

His name begins to make its way with various publications of his own worksincluding the movie "The Prophecy of the Armadillo", based on the comic of the same name, and several exhibitions. But his career has its beginnings in the world of comics since adolescence. After a childhood between France and Rome, he began drawing comics in high school, where he also illustrated posters for various concerts and events in the capital, especially those linked to social centres.

Privacy Zero limestone

Il cartoonist he spent most of his childhood in France, homeland of the mother, and later a Roma, attending a French high school. As an adult, he moves to the Roman district of Rebibbiawhere the father originates.

During his youth, he becomes attached to roman hardcore punk scene, for which he illustrates some album covers and some fanzines. He also participates in the G8 in Genoa in 2001, an event that will profoundly influence his work, as evidenced by the stories collected in the volume GeVsG8 in 2006.

ZeroCalcare girlfriend

Despite his stories are often autobiographical, Zerocalcare maintains a very reserved attitude on its love life, not having never shared publicly details about his eventual partner.

Because it's called ZeroCalcare

Lo pseudonym di Zerocalcare springs from a need to create a nickname for a forum online. The name comes from one spot advertisement of a product anti-limescale that the author had noticed on television.

The works of ZeroCalcare

Here are all the works of the cartoonist ZeroCalcare, both comics and television works.

  • The Armadillo's Prophecy (2012): A narrative centered on the transition from youth to adulthood, combining memories of a first love and the life of a young man in his thirties.
  • An Octopus in the Throat (2012): The protagonist goes through the various phases of life - childhood, adolescence and maturity - confronting himself with universal anxieties and thoughts, divided into three large sections.
  • Any Given Monday (2013): Compilation of vignettes exploring the transition to adulthood and the responsibilities that come with it, spiced with humor and self-deprecation.
  • Twelve (2013): An adventure set in Rebibbia, infested with zombies, where the protagonist is in a coma and his friends try to manage the crisis within twelve hours.
  • Forget My Name (2014): The story's hero traces his origins after his grandmother's death, exploring the history of three generations and addressing issues of responsibility and expectations.
  • Kobane Calling (2015): A reportage comic that narrates the journey of Zerocalcare near Kobane, on the border between Syria and Turkey, bearing witness to the conflicts and contradictions of the international political scene.
  • The telephone directory of the takeovers (2015): A set of cartoons reflecting on the responsibilities and expectations generated by success, presented with biting irony.
  • The Armadillo's Prophecy – The Movie (2018): Film version of the homonymous work by Zerocalcare, directed by Emanuele Scaringi.
  • Raw rubble (2017) and Raw rubble. Six Months Later (2018): Graphic novel addressing the challenges of the 80s generation, including job instability.
  • Dig ditches. Feeding Crocodiles (2018): Exhibition of Zerocalcare's works at the MAXXI in Rome, accompanied by unpublished drawings and critical analyses.
  • Professor Calcare's school of pizzas in the face (2019): Collection of tables published on the Zerocalcare blog, created in collaboration with other magazines.
  • Rebibbia quarantine (2020): Series of short animated short films made by Zerocalcare during the quarantine period, broadcast live on the Propaganda live TV program.
  • Skeletons (2021): A graphic novel that combines the style of Zerocalcare with genres such as thriller and noir, telling a story of friendship and mystery.
  • To dead father. A Christmas Story (2021): Illustrated and comic book that examines the world of work through a unique interpretation of Santa Claus.
  • Tearing Along the Edges (2021): Animated series written and directed by Zerocalcare, available on Netflix, which addresses issues related to evolution and maturity.
  • Nothing new on the Rebibbia front (2021): Collection of tables that focuses on social and personal issues, reflecting on the contradictions exposed by the pandemic.
  • No sleep till Shengal (2022): Comic reportage that narrates the journey of Zerocalcare in the Shengal region, in Iraq, illustrating the living conditions and the complex political dynamics of the place.
  • This World Won't Make Me Bad (2023): The comic artist shows an evolution compared to "Ripping along the edges". He passes from issues related to the existential and emotional sphere to focus on political issues, addressing issues such as discrimination, immigration and Nazism.

The characters created by ZeroCalcare

Il public has known i characters of ZeroCalcare especially thanks to the TV series, but not everyone knows that each of them represents an aspect of the protagonist.

Armadillo: he is a central character in the Zerocalcare comics and in the TV series. He appears for the first time in 2011 on the author's blog. Armadillo symbolizes the consciousness of Zerocalcare and interacts only with him. Initially he drives Zerocalcare, but it evolves as his vcynical and disillusioned ersion, with a marked Roman accent, played by Valerio Mastandrea.

Dry: he is one of Zerocalcare's friends, representing the madness in his life. Secco is an online poker player and first appears in “The Armadillo's Prophecy”. His ability to solve easily i problems mentality of Zerocalcare makes him an essential character in the series, an ever-present friend for hold it up.

Sarah: introduced in the Zerocalcare comics in 2012 in “An octopus in the throat”, it could be considered the female alter ego of the protagonist. He is a direct character and does not hesitate to express his opinions, especially at worksource of constant frustration. Curiously, the character of him is engaged to Sailor Uranus, a character from the famous cartoon of the 90s, “Sailor Moon”.

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