Chiara Ferragni in Sanremo, sexist attack on Fedez: her answer

Chiara Ferragni during the interview in San Remo

Even before the Sanremo Festival begins, controversies are already looming, this time it was journalist Paolo Giordano who, during a press presentation in the presence of Chiara Ferragni and Amadeus, has attacked Fedez.

The journalist's attack on Fedez "His texts are misogynistic"

The topic itself is not new, we are talking about the strong criticism of Fedez's first texts, when he was a budding rapper well before his relationship with Ferragni.
Some of his lyrics are judged as misogynists, even aggressive towards women and it is on this that the journalist relied by asking Ferragni for an opinion on the matter.

Topic now not even more controversial, given that it has been addressed numerous times in the past and that many many years have passed since the production of those texts.

Chiara Ferragni therefore decided to don't answer the reporter, merely saying that she was there representing herself to talk about Sanremo, since the husband was also present at the event, any questions of this type could be directed directly to the interested party.

Ferragni's answer demolishes the journalist, the public presses and exalts her

The diva's response ignited people on social media, especially her fans who greatly appreciated her not lending herself to the question, for many unnecessarily controversial and barren.

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