Fedez returns to Instagram: "I suspended a psychoactive drug"

fedez during the live broadcast in which he explains what problems he had
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After a long period of silence, the Italian rapper Fedez has decided to speak openly on social media, revealing the two months of difficulties he has had to face.
Let's try to understand what happened.

Marriage rumors denied

Fedez wanted to clarify immediately that there was no crisis with his wife Chiara Ferragni and denied the false rumors circulating about his family. These rumors had caused concern among his fans, but the rapper wanted to reassure everyone, stating that his family is the most important thing to him.

Pancreatic cancer

The rapper then went back in time, to the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. In this difficult moment, Fedez has revealed of never cared for his mental health and that he relied only on psychotropic drugs.

In January it was prescribed to him a very potent antidepressant that caused him side effects very severe, including twitching in the mouth and slurred speech.

Lack of attention to mental health

The singer admitted that he did not never paid attention to his mental health, thinking that the solution was always in drugs.
This lack of attention has had a negative impact on his life, both personally and professionally.

What is the rebound effect

It got worse when the rapper had to stop the drug suddenlyundergoing the rebound effect.
It is essentially about an imbalance due to sudden suspension, the body had somehow become accustomed to the drug and had adjusted its hormone levels accordingly, by the time of withdrawal so it was strongly unbalanced.

It was certainly a particularly difficult moment for Fedez, given that the rebound symptoms can also be very serious.

Career consequences

Fedez had to abandon some of his work commitments, including the LOL3 press conference and trial for the Corinaldo massacre.
The rapper has decided to come to terms with his mental health and do his best to recover.

The video of the stories in which Fedez explains the problem

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