GF Vip 7: Antonella Fiordelisi receives shocking news about her father

Antonella Fiordelisi

During the evening episode of Monday 16 January 2023 of GF Vip 7, Antonella Fiordelisi received shocking news about her father. Here's what she learned and the reaction from the audience back home.

I continue twists at GF Vip 7: towards the end of evening episode of Monday 16 January 2023, and before that Alfonso Signorini close the connection with the "vipponi", Antonella Fiordelisi received some shocking news concerning his father and which did not fail to unleash also i audience comments at home.

It was to give it to him Julia Salemi, who before moving on to the final greetings, told the sportswoman that her father Stephen had taken one very drastic decision and that, after having only announced it, he actually put it into practice, leaving Fiordelisi speechless (perhaps for the first time), who only managed to say:

“But why did he do it?”

GF Vip 7, here's what Antonella Fiordelisi's father did

On January 12 2023 Stefano, father of Antonella Fiordelisi, had written on his social networks that, if Nicole Murgia was saved this time too, would have removed himself from Twitter.

And the public, despite even the bullying perpetrated against Nikita Pelizon, has just decided to reward Nicole Murgia and to delete Dan Saber.

A few seconds after the televoting, as also confirmed by Salemi herself, the Stefano Fiordelisi's Twitter profile was gone.

Antonella, commenting on his decision with a smile, he said:

“But how, has it been cancelled?”

Julia Salemi, barely hiding a smile herself, she commented with irony:

“Maybe he should have written Dana's name.”

Stefano Fiordelisi: why is he mad at Nicole Murgia to the point of canceling himself for not being eliminated?

Since Antonella Fiordelisi started the GF Vip 7, his father Stephen did not spare the criticisms and negative comments against the competitors they like least.

By reading his comments, and his opinions on social media, you can get amore idea of ​​what is happening inside the House.

Why though Stefano Fiordelisi seems to have it in particular with Nicole Murgia? The reasons are not yet fully understood, but from what we know, he never digested his behavior.

Besides Nicole Murgia, another "vippona" who just can't see is Giaele DeDonà, renamed "sad owl" by his daughter.

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