GF Vip 7: who is the last finalist? Here's what the polls say

GF Vip 7 fourth finalist

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For the first time in the history of GF Vip 7, the final could be all female. Or, surprising everyone, viewers might decide to include one of the male contestants they found funniest. Here's what the latest polls and percentages say.

The hypothesis “final all in pink” is no longer so obvious for the GF VIP 7: three women (and all unexpected) were taken in latest episodes and, now that there are still two in the race, one of which is judged super favorite for televoting (Nikita Pelizon), it no longer appears so unusual that the final, for the first time in the history of reality TV, could be a completely female final.

However, some also think that viewers could decide to send them to the final one of the nicest male competitors of the GF Vip 7, Such as Luca Onestin, who despite having entered the race, immediately made himself known (again) for his funny entr'actes and which have snatched more than one laugh.

GF Vip 7, finalists, what the polls say

We still won't have to wait long for the mystery to finally be revealed, but according to what was revealed by the polls and percentages present on the site Big Brother Forum Free, Nikita Pelizon still appears there Favorite, with 57,28% of the votes. However, it is not yet certain that she will be able to snatch the long-awaited ticket to the final, because in the last three episodes, despite having been the favorite there too, she was beaten at the last second by other competitors who, however, according to the polls they had to be eliminated.

And if the public, surprisingly, should prefer a man? In that case it is possible that, in the final of the GF Vip 7, we will see Edward Tavassi, because it is in second place in the preferences and immediately after Nikita: the brother of Guendalina Tavassi he was the favorite of the public with 27,84% of the votes.

Definitely more detached Luca Onestin with 6,26% of the preferences, but that doesn't mean anything, because also Micol Incorvaia she was third in the polls and still earned a place in the final. Less chance of making it instead for Albert DePisis (5,24%, although anything could happen), Milena Miconi (1,98%) and Andrea Maestrelli (1,40%). However, the games are still open and surprises are not excluded.

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