GF Vip 7, who will win the final? The polls: Oriana vs Nikita

Oriana Marzoli Nikita Pelizon

There are only five days left for the GF Vip 7 final, but all the fans' eyes are focused on the results of the polls, which in the last few hours have started with the total winner of the reality show. Above all, the Oriana-Nikita duel catches the eye.

There is no story that holds: according to what was revealed by the latest polls of the GF Vip 7, not only there winner reality TV could be 99,9% a woman, but the final match would be played in oriana marzoli e Nikita Pelizon, which currently look like the most voted among the five finalists in the running and to which will be added, at the beginning of the April 3 episode, a sixth finalist among Milena and Alberto.

It was revealed by the percentages di Twitter and Forumseven if, for the moment, the name of the winner appears very uncertain. That's because, come on Big Brother Forum Free the winner comes out Nikita Pelizon with as many as 66,81% of the votes, while oriana marzoli, on the contrary, on Twitter it would be the winner with 52% of the votes.

GF Vip 7, the final: situation for the other vipponi

Nothing to do instead for Edward Tavassi, whether it's on the Forum Free of the GF Vip both Twitter, he takes third place, but with less than 10% of the votes. In short, a result not to be proud of, when compared to very high percentages of Nikita Pelizon and Oriana Marzoli.

As for the other finalists, unless a last-minute turnaround occurs, there is very little hope of making it and win the GF Vip 7. Alberto De Pisis and Milena Miconi they win an average of 3,5% sympathies, while Micol Incorvaia e Giaele DeDonà, despite having managed to secure a place in the final before Nikita Pelizon, they don't even reach 2% of the preferences.

However, everything is still to be played out and, considering that there are five days left until the final, there are good chances that, as for the choice of teams top three finalists, experience a last minute surprise.

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