GF Vip 7: Davide Donadei and the story of his mafia father

Davide Donadei GF Vip 7

Davide Donadei, during one of the day times of GF Vip 7, spoke about his father, revealing shocking details “He abandoned me when I was four years old. Later, he ended up in jail because he was involved with the mafia."

Davide Donadei has a heavy past, although not unpublished, which concerns the his childhood and most importantly, his relationship with the father. After mentioning it Men and women the former tronista, during one of the day times of the GF VIP 7, opened up more and decided to tell the other roommates about it.

As told by himself, when he was just four years old, his father abandoned him. Then when he celebrated his twelve years, he discovered that he had ended up with a mafia-type criminal association:

“My mom has never bad-mouthed us about dad, this makes her a great woman. But her mom was 34 and she canceled her life for us. From 2010 until June of this year he was in prison and it is as if we had suffered the consequences of something not wanted by us. I don't hate dad."

GF Vip 7, Davide Donadei and his choice to follow a different path

Despite David Donadei was part of one of those "children at risk", he decided to do not follow in the footsteps of the father and to roll up their sleeves for build a better future both for him and for his family:

“I would like to be the superhero of my family.”

THEformer tronista, out of home of the GF Vip 7 and the world of entertainment,, is the restaurant owner and, his intention is to continue along that road.

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