GF Vip 7: final with surprise disqualification! Here's who won't win

Final GF Vip 7

GF Vip 7 will be remembered as the edition with the most disqualifications of all, but on April 3, 2023, during the evening of the final, we will witness something truly unprecedented: the disqualification of a finalist live and just a few steps away from victory! That's who it is.

There are four days to go until the long wait final of the GF Vip 7, which will close the curtain (and perhaps, if we are to believe the rumors that have been circulating in the last few hours, even definitively) on one of the ugliest editions in the history of the program, marked by bullying, bad language as much as I can, flash televoting to exclude this or that other competitor (just think of the Elenoire Ferruzzi case) it's a rain of disqualifications as they had never seen before in all editions of the reality show.

Monday April 3 2023 however, and precisely during the evening of the final, something truly unthinkable will happen that has never been seen before: the live disqualification of a finalist, and a few steps from the coveted goal of victory. But what will happen specifically? Here's what they revealed rumors in the last hours.

GF Vip 7, disqualification for Edoardo Tavassi and return for Daniele Dal Moro or Edoardo Donnamaria?

According to what has been written by several gossip portals, Edward Tavassi, due to new bullying done against Nikita Pelizon, and that angered them as well Milena Miconi, could be disqualified right during the evening of 3 April 2023. His attitude, in fact, has infuriated the spectators a lot, so much so that many have flocked to social networks to ask for his immediate disqualification.

And, apparently, the production of the GF Vip 7 he would have decided to listen to them, but that's not all. Always according to the rumors that are circulating in these hours, after the disqualification of Edoardo Tavassi, there may be a sensational surprise return between Edoardo Donnamaria e Daniele Dal Moro, whose disqualifications made viewers talk for a long time (for some, for example, they were exaggerated).

In short, lots of news, lots of rumors that are going around final of the GF Vip 7 and on the new measure it could take Pier Silvio Berlusconi against one of the "vipponi"but so far no confirmation. We just have to wait four more days to see how it will end.

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