GF Vip 7: Giaele De Donà finalist, Antonella eliminated

Sofia Giaele De Dona

Yet another twist at GF Vip 7: despite the polls showing Nikita Pelizon as the third finalist, once again the public proved everyone wrong, bringing Giaele De Donà to the final with 48,2% of the preferences. And surprisingly, after the appeal launched by her parents, Antonella Fiordelisi went from being a probable finalist to being definitively eliminated!

Le continue surprises at GF Vip 7 where, in bets to decide the finalists, audience from home is denying all specific polls.

Yesterday for example, according to what was revealed by specific polls, the match for the third place in the final should have been played between Nikita Pelizon and Antonella Fiordelisi and instead, surprisingly, the spectators elected Giaele DeDonà as the third finalist (with 48,2% of the preferences!), while Antonella Fiordelisi was eliminated definitively with 8,1% of the votes (even less than those received by Milena Miconi).

Miconi, and we remember it, yesterday was the most likely candidate to emerge (from the polls she was the least voted), but then there was the final turnaround, which brought it to third place with 19% of the votes! The match will now be played between her, Nikita Pelizon and the other competitors remaining in the race.

GF Vip 7, Antonella Fiordelisi vents live against her parents

Big disappointment instead for Antonella Fiordelisi, who after discovering they are theeliminated from the March 20, 2023 episode of GF Vip 7, she lashed out at her parents:

“I wanted to stay, for my mum I gave up the Isola dei Famosi.”

And that's not all: during the episode, Fiordelisi not only discovered that both parents wrote to Pier Silvio Berlusconi to get her out of the reality show, but even her mom used her instagram account to appeal to her fans to get her out to "preserve her sanity."

In short, a double disappointment for the influencer, who in fact, concluding the speech, said he will never leave social media to his parents again.

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