GF Vip 7: Edoardo Tavassi's mother furious, pre-final protests

Edward Tavassi

Emanuela Fuin, mother of Edoardo Tavassi, protested a few hours before the final of GF Vip 7 for the treatment reserved by Mediaset leaders for her son. In fact, in a few hours there will be the final and, according to the latest rumors, Tavassi could be disqualified for his recent behavior towards Nikita Pelizon.

Emanuela Fuin, mom of Guendalina and Edoardo Tavassi, there is and, a few hours from final of the GF Vip 7, she lunged from hers Twitter profile against i Mediaset top management and the producers of the Big Brother for the treatment, very questionable, reserved for the son. According to Fuin, the GF Vip would have given a different treatment to Edward Tavassi, not putting it in the photo of the finalists and suggesting, in this way, that it will come disqualified this evening for his new attitude towards Nikita Pelizon:

“Obviously they forgot to put Edoardo in the photos of the finalists. Only him is missing. Until the end!"

GF Vip 7, fans against Edoardo Tavassi's mother "They change the photo every day."

An outburst that the many did not like at all GF Vip fan which, as expected, poured into the river under the post by Emanuela Fuin, pointing out that the photos on the Instagram profile of the reality show are changed every day:

“They are alternating contestants every day.”

The Fuin though she remained firm in her positions, replying:

“They should wear them all every time.”

Which side are you on? Do you agree with Emanuela Fuin, or that the GF Vip should always photograph the finalists together, or is it right that the photos are diversified?

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