GF Vip 7, Luca Onestini: that's why Dal Moro was disqualified

Luca Onestin

Luca Onestini, while talking to one of the roommates, revealed in the last few hours why Daniele Dal Moro was disqualified from GF Vip 7 "It was a surprise for me too, but the reasons are very heavy."

Everyone from spectators to tenants of the home of the GF Vip 7, were taken aback by the disqualification of Daniele Dal Moro, who was not even able to say goodbye to his fellow adventurers and was rushed out (e oriana marzoli was the one that most upset us about this decision).

Nobody knew the reason for this new move of Big Brother Vip 7, until today, when Luca Onestin, while talking to a tenant, revealed why Daniele Dal Moro was disqualified:

What happened? Here's what he revealedex tronista of Men and Women, which was present at the time of Dal Moro's release:

“Yes, it all happened suddenly and it was fast. Love, I was in bed, I hear them call him in the confessional and after a very short time they called us to tell us. So it was really fast stuff.”

GF Vip 7, Luca Onestini on the disqualification of Dal Moro "More than anything else I don't understand."

Continuing his story, Luca Onestin ha aggiunto:

“More than anything, I don't understand. Some immediately, others in episode, why? And then the other thing… This stuff here was very heavy today. Then it's not a simple thing, it's bad for him. Then it's bad for everyone. But how many disqualified people have there been?”

Also oriana marzoli, despite having had very serious conflicts with Dal Moro, she said she was sorry for hers disqualification:

“Five minutes before they let him out I saw him in the bedroom. I don't understand why they didn't make us salute. It was enough just to say hello. It feels too empty. You want because today there is this situation, but I feel a void. They said he was fine."

Daniele Dal Moro, officially, was disqualified for his foul language and impetuous and disrespectful behavior the night before his ban. Considered the new course wanted by Pier Silvio Berlusconi it is possible that, behind this decision, there are the unhealthy behaviors held by the ex tronista towards oriana marzoli.

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