GF Vip 7: Micol fury towards Antonella, but Tavassi silences her!

Giaele and Micol incorvaia

Micol Incorvaia, second finalist of GF Vip 7, after the end of the live broadcast returned to speak ill of Antonella Fiordelisi, but Edoardo Tavassi, her boyfriend, surprisingly scolded her and silenced her!

Edoardo Tavassi and Nikita Pelizon, as polls predicted, were chosen as fourth and fifth finalist of GF Vip 7, while Luca Onestini and Andrea Maestrelli, the two "beautiful" of the most spied house in Italy, have been definitively eliminated and one step away from the longed-for final. Quiet evening then? Not at all, after the close of the live broadcast, yet another unpleasant episode happened with its own protagonist Micol Incorvaia, second finalist.

What happened? Even though she managed to rip her off final victory (remember that, in previous polls, Incorvaia was in third place, therefore at risk of elimination), last night Micol she returned to speak ill of Antonella Fiordelisi, his bitter “enemy”, who left the home of the GF Vip 7 after being knocked out.

All this arose from a "hard confrontation" that the two had during the live on Monday 27 March 2023 and, in the course of which, they also flew big words. Needless to say Alfonso Signorini, instead of stopping that river in flood, he let it go, causing it to take a large part of the evening live broadcast.

GF Vip 7, Micol Incorvaia continues to speak ill of Antonella Fiordelisi, but Edoardo Tavassi silences her

Lo Show however, at least on the part of Micol Incorvaia, continued even after the closure of the live evening, with the gieffina who spared no harsh words against the former fencer. Up to the point of uttering a decidedly creepy statement:

“Knowing that this…girl.”

The reaction of Edward Tavassi, sensing that his girlfriend was about to say a heavier word and that it could have cost her the final, scolded her and shut her up. Immediately afterwards, the young Incorvaia tried to correct the shot:

"I was going to say little girl, because honestly I feel like saying little girl."

Tavassi's run for cover, however, was not enough to save Micol Incorvaia given that, immediately afterwards, gieffina was attacked by users on social networks.

“Micol was about to insult Antonella and was immediately called back by her man, then corrects herself by saying child. How disgusting."

As expected, the requests for disqualify Micol Incorvaia, but with the final of GF VIP 7this is unlikely to happen. Certainly, however, the spectators, when there is the final televoting, will present the bill to Micol Incorvaia, so it's highly probable that she won't be there winner of the seventh edition of the GF Vip.

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