GF Vip 7, are Nikita Pelizon and Matteo Diamante back together?

Nikita Pelizon

Nikita Pelizon, winner of Big Brother VIP 7, and Matteo Diamante were spotted together on Saturday evening while they were in a restaurant in Milan. Has love blossomed between them again? Here's everything we know.

It's been just over a month since victory by Nikita Pelizon of Big Brother VIP 7 and, as we know, the Mediaset, to try to forget all the controversies (and bad episodes, like the Marco Bellavia case) that have been there in the previous months, decided to give a sound swipe of the sponge and to no longer host all the former contestants of the reality show in its programmes.

The measure, unfortunately, has also affected Nikita Pelizon, the winner of the last edition, who was one of the most loved competitors by the public, not only for her way of being, but also for what she showed inside the most spied on house in Italy. The spectators, however, have not forgotten her, just as they have not forgotten hers love story with Matteo Diamante, her ex boyfriend.

In fact, it has been at least two weeks since, between Nikita Pelizon and Matteo Diamante, there is talk of a possible backfire, but so far there hadn't been a confirmation, until Saturday May 6 2023 when the two were caught together in a very well-known restaurant in Milan and which is located a few steps from the Central Station.

Are Nikita Pelizon and Matteo Diamante together? The two caught in a restaurant in Milan

From what we have come to know from some guys who were present in the same restaurant, Nikita Pelizon and Matteo Diamante they were having dinner together and, apparently, they seemed very happy and definitely "very close" to each other.

It is not known if they were there for a dinner with friends or because love is blossoming (again) between them, but, from the clues also left by the same Nikita Pelizon in the stories of his Instagram profile, it seems that the two spent the weekend together in Milan. In one story, in particular, we see the winner of the GF Vip 7 while it is located at the Milano Centrale station.

What between Is something happening to Nikita Pelizon and Matteo Diamante? In the meantime, it's too early to tell, but if, as they say, "a clue is enough to give it a try", there are really a lot of them here...

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