GF VIP 7, Oriana Marzoli vs Nikita Pelizon. What happen

Nikita Pelizon

Although the VIP Big Brother 7 has ended, the protagonists of the edition continue to be at the center of media attention. The former competitors, in fact, they are fueling discussions on the web and, recently, a gesture by Oriana Marzoli has not gone unnoticed.

Inside the house, the South American influencer he never had a good relationship with Nikita Pelizon, which she has repeatedly clashed with. Even the model, for her part, does not seem to have sympathy for the partner of Daniele Dal Moro, which he took a dig at a few days ago.

Oriana Marzoli's "like" to a tweet against Nikita

Recently, Oriana put a "I like it" to a tweet against Nikita, attracting the attention of the web. In the video featured in the tweet, Pelizon is seen together with Giaele De Donà, and the photomontage quickly made the rounds on social media. The influencer's gesture did not go unnoticed and he once again confirmed his own incompatibility with the winner of Big Brother VIP 7.

Oriana Marzoli's criticisms of Nikita Pelizon's behavior

In addition, Oriana Marzoli criticized Nikita Pelizon's behavior, after the latter pointed out that she had not received compliments for her victory from any of the Spartans except Tavassi.

During an interview with Casa Chi, the influencer said:

“Love, imagine, I complimented Nikita, right on air. At that moment, however, I felt a bit rejected, I can tell you the truth. I also spoke to the agent about it. As soon as I said "happy birthday" she didn't even look at me. They all passed in front of me without considering me.

But of course I don't care about anything. In the end you see how people are. As soon as one wins the reality show, the truth comes out. It was what I felt, about how she was made. Plus they showed me so many things that she replied on social media, making it clear that I was rude. Mamma mia darling, you've finished the reality show, turn the page".

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