GF Vip 7: episode 20 March 2023, who will be the third finalist?

GF Vip 7 third finalist

Tonight, Monday 20 March 2023, the third finalist of GF Vip 7 will be chosen. Here's who it could be and who, according to the advances, could be eliminated.

For the first time in the history of reality television, the final of the GF Vip 7 it could be an all-female final: later Oriana Marzoli and Micol Incorvaia, to get on the bandwagon of finalists during the episode of tonight Monday 20 March 2023 could be (finally) Nikita Pelizon.

To reveal it i numerous surveys present on the web, which give Pelizon the favorite with 40,7% of the votes.

Not only that: surprisingly, after having always been one of the "tail lights" of GF Vip 7, Giaele DeDonà leapt to second place in the top preferences, with as much as 32,53% of the votes, so it is not excluded that it could become the fourth finalist.

GF Vip 7, Antonella Fiordelisi at risk of elimination?

As it regards instead Antonella Fiordelisi, after the latest events that took place inside the house (and, above all, her reaction to the discovery that she was not one of the finalists), the former fencer definitely lost the favor of the public, obtaining only 20,81% of the votes .

The least voted, according to polls, is Milena Miconi, with only 5,69%, so it could be eliminated in tonight's episode.

However, it is not excluded, given what happened in the previous episode (where Micol Incorvaia was in third place, therefore among the least preferred, but then became a finalist), that the public can also decide to save Miconi and eliminate Fiordelisi.

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