GF Vip 7: Gentlemen in trouble, complaints are pouring in from ex Vipponi

Alfonso Signorini

The GF Vip 7 is one step away from the final, but for Alfonso Signorini the troubles would not end: according to what was revealed by the lawyer Annamaria Bernardini De Pace, more than one ex vippone would be ready to file a lawsuit against the reality show, guilty of having become “too politically correct”. Here's what's going on and possible scenarios.

Trouble ahead for Alfonso Signorini: according to what was revealed by the lawyer Annamaria Bernardini DePace during an interview given to HomeWho, more than one ex Vippone could bring an action lawsuit against GF Vip 7 for "image damage". And, in particular, Edoardo Donnamaria and Daniele Dal Moro, who were disqualified within days of each other for "questionable behaviour" and "inappropriate language".

THEex tronista of Men and Women, “victim” as Edoardo Donnamaria of the "new politically correct rules" of Big Brother Vip aimed at containing trash episodes, he would already be on a war footing and, in more than one interview, he would have said he did be ready to sue GF Vip. Different speech instead for Edoardo Donnamaria, which these days is enjoying the meeting with Antonella Fiordelisi and, even, the two would have gone to live together.

GF Vip 7, for Annamaria Bernardini De Pace the reality show would have inflicted "exaggerated" punishments

Speaking of the Dal Moro and Donnamaria cases, Annamaria Bernardini DePace she sided openly with the former Vipponi and said that, if they wanted to, they could both file a complaint against the GF Vip 7:

“Why did they only take it out on Edoardo Donnamaria? She just said 'You pissed me off'. You feel it everywhere. And even the other one who took the Spanish by the neck, you could see that she was joking. Then everyone should be disqualified, because everyone from the beginning is incorrect from a lexical point of view. I would sue, I would ask for compensation. There was an unacceptable attitude that ruined my image. Then you have to see how the contracts are. If it says that if someone says a bad word he can be disqualified."

For the lawyer punishments meted out were excessive. Edoardo Tavassi and Micol Incorvaia, for example, despite having clearly infringed the rules of the GF Vip because of the VAN case, have not incurred severe punishments, but even received only reprimands and, in the case of brother of Guendalina Tavassi, only a warning, when for De Pace the behavior of both would have meant disqualification.

How will the story end? It will certainly be discussed in the semifinal of Big Brother Vip 7which will air tonight Monday 27 March 2023 su Channel 5, but in the meantime everything is silent on the part of those directly involved.

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