The Masked Singer: Milly Carlucci's invitation to Antonella Clerici

Milly CarlucciAntonella Clerici

Milly Carlucci, a few hours after the first episode of "The Masked Singer", makes a singular invitation to Antonella Clerici. Here's what she said and what the famous presenter replied.

Everything is ready for the first episode of “The Masked Singer”which will air tonight Saturday March 18 2023 starting from 21.25 su Rai Uno, and Milly Carlucci, to top it off, yesterday she was a guest at It is always noon to release the latest advances.

During his hosted, talking about the new in this edition, or the "Masked for a night" (almost impossible not to notice the similarity with the "Dancer for a night" by Dancing with the Stars), Carlucci has also invited Antonella Clerici, the landlady, to attend an episode of the talent show.

Will the Masked Singer, Antonella Clerici accept Milly Carlucci's invitation?

Antonella Clerici, in front of the invitation of Milly Carlucci, she didn't say yes or no, but we sure as hell won't find her under the tonight heart mask (which will be worn, in each episode, by the Masked One for a Night), because, as the advances, will hide one VIP couple which will be revealed an hour after the start of the live broadcast.

Absolute silence on the other hand on the twelve official competitors, whose identities will be revealed, little by little, in the course of the various unmasks.

This year, however, there will be something new aimed at helping the public from home: i competitors, unlike other years, in the videos they won't wear the mask but their own common clothes (however, the face will be covered by a visor and their voice will also be camouflaged), so the public will be able to begin to understand if it is a man or a woman, if it is tall, short and if it is thin or fleshy.

However, there is one thing that is certain: this too new edition of “The Masked Singer” there will be a lot to enjoy.

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