The video of Damiano from Maneskin being harassed during the concert

Damian David

Very unpleasant episode for Damiano David, the Maneskin singer, during the concert that the rock band held at the Assago Forum in Milan. When he approached the audience, someone touched his private parts: here's his reaction.

Unfortunately there are "fans" who, in their demonstrations of affection towards their "idols", can exceed the limit of the lawful and end up in the criminal (not to mention harassing). AND Damian David, singer of the Maneskin, he learned the hard way in these days when, during the concert held at the Assago Forum in Milan, someone has them touched the private parts.

The "crime" happened when, as usually does, the singer approached the audience and, right there, in the midst of the crowd, the "palpata" would have taken place. When it happened, he immediately blocked the manager's hand and glared at him, then moved away from the audience and, when he found himself again at a certain "safe distance", turned around once again and has he shot another incendiary glare at the fan who harassed him.

Damiano David's reaction and the video

After the episode, Damiano David has not released any statements, but the fans, after the video of the groping began to circulate and go viral, were outraged and expressed their support for the singer of Maneskin, writing that "no one deserves to be touched like that" and "we are so sorry for what happened."

And, a few hours after the crime, another disturbing background emerged: it seems that it was not there before purchasing, harassment suffered by the Maneskins, because, during another concert, Damian David had intervened when another fan, too "annoying", touched several times the butt of Victoria DeAngelis while she was bent over the barriers. On that occasion, as also told by lead singer of Maneskin in an interview with Le Iene, had told him a “lot of not nice things”, but:

"Only in words, because you don't talk about violent reactions, I'm not the type."

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During the Maneskin show at the Mediolanum Forum in Assago, frontman Damiano David approached the audience and someone tried to touch his private parts. The singer has suddenly moved away from the hand and launched an unequivocal look at the author of the gesture. Video Instagram @marlena_sono_io_official/TikTok valeriamaneskin

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Harassment of young Italian singers and artists, the previous one

It is not the first time, unfortunately, that i young Italian musicians and singers suffer harassment and "palpatine" by fans: in 2022, during one of his performances for Radio Italia Live, held in Piazza Duomo in Milan, mashed potato Blanco he had been molested and, even then, an admirer had touched his private parts.

The singer had been shocked by that episode, but had decided to put it behind him. On social media, however, even in that case, a video lesson, which went viral and sparked comments and condemnations from fans.

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