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Massimo Troisi was one of the most loved and appreciated actors in the history of Italian cinema.
Born in San Giorgio a Cremano (NA) on February 19, 1953, he lived a serene childhood and adolescence, spent in the shadow of his family.

During his school years he always stood out for his talent in many subjects such as science, literature and, above all, acting.

Youth years and training

After attending the commercial technical institute, in 1975 Troisi enrolled in an acting course at the San Ferdinando Theater of Naples.

Here he began working with other actors and directors who gave birth to the homonymous theater company, which has become famous throughout Italy.
Subsequently, he also participated in several television shows such as "Non Stop" and "Maurizio Costanzo Show".

Artistic career

In 1981 Troisi managed to get an important role in the film “I start again from three“, which marked the beginning of his successful film career. She acted in many other movies like “Stasera the house of Alice” and “O' profesore”, up to global success with “The postman".

Throughout his career, he has also worked as a screenwriter, director and producer.

Theatrical activity

Since the beginning of his career, Troisi has often collaborated with other actors and theater directors. He was a founding member of the San Ferdinando theater company and acted in many plays such as “Escape from Reuma Park” and “We just have to cry”.

The "La Smorfia" Trio with Lello Arena and Enzo Decaro

In the seventies and eighties, La Smorfia was a famous cabaret group composed by Massimo Troisi, Lello Arena and Enzo Decaro. Originally known as “The Saracens“, the three comedians made their name through their comedy based on inspired sketches to the daily situations of Naples of the time. Their shows dealt with different themes, such as religion, employment (and unemployment), folklore and traditions that are now anachronistic but still alive above all in Naples.

After getting a good success in the theatre, even outside the local context, the trio achieved maximum notoriety thanks to their participation in the television program "Non stop" and subsequently in "La sberla".

Television activity

Troisi has also participated in several successful television programs such as "Nonstop", "Maurizio Costanzo Show" and "Mai dire Gol". In addition, he worked as a writer and director of a series of comedy sketches for the Comedians in Search of Fortune program.

Troisi writer and musician

In addition to his film and television career, Troisi has also been a renowned musician and writer. She has written several books of poetry and sang songs such as “Una Stanza Vauota”, “Una Question” and “Non Si può Morire Dentro”.

The choice during the production of Il Postino

While working on the screenplay of “Il Postino”, Massimo Troisi's health deteriorated rapidly, also following a new heart operation he had undergone in the United States, where he had also suffered a heart attack.

The doctors, in fact, had advised him to undergo a transplant, but the actor had decided to return to Italy to shoot the film "with his heart".
Although his condition steadily deteriorated, he managed to carry out his intent, even if he had to resort to stunt doubles for the more difficult scenes.

However, just 12 hours after the last shot, Massimo Troisi turned off during sleep.

Troisi's illness and death

Massimo Troisi passed away due to a heart attack, which in turn was caused by an illness that had afflicted him since childhood. The actor died at the age of 41 at the residence of his sister Annamaria in Ostia, just 12 hours after finishing shooting the film "Il Postino".

What was Massimo Troisi sick with?

Massimo Troisi had been suffering from rheumatic fever since childhood, a condition that resulted in severe degeneration of the mitral valve. At a young age, he underwent a delicate heart operation in Houston, USA, but was unable to find an effective solution to his heart problem. Unfortunately, the disease accompanied him throughout his life, until his premature death.

Artistic and cultural heritage

Despite his untimely death in 1994, Massimo Troisi's impact on Italian culture is indelible. His comedy has been a source of inspiration for many actors and directors, and has contributed to renewing Italian comedy and cinema. Additionally, he has been honored with several posthumous awards and honors.

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